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  1. This question is based on a topic explaining Many2Many relationships in FM7 described in the book "Special edition using FMPro 7". Unfortunately the book does not explain a problem that I am having. Could someone help? As told in the book, I created a layout as shown in the picture based on the table occurence (TO) "Shift" and then inserted a portal based on the fields in "ShiftAssignment". Then Formatted the first field of the portal to display a value list generated from theTO "PatrolOfficer". Everything works fine except that I am able to enter duplicate values into the portal. How can I avoid this? Is it possible to populate the value list dynamically based on the selection the user has already made that the user cannot make 2 duplicate records? Is there a function in filemaker that can return the total number of records from a table. I was wondering if I can then somehow make FM to iterate through each record of for eg. "ShiftAssignment TO" to see if the concatenated value of "ShiftID & PatrolOfficerID" is a unique value for the particular table.
  2. How can I make file maker run a script when a user selects ..Edit or ..Other from a popup list or popup menu. Can I make it so that FM will take the user to a different layout when someone chooses Edit or other form the dropdown list?
  3. I have a database to manage my study notes/Questions. I wanted to modify it to make it store multiple images per record in a table. One record in a table should be able to show multiple media files and the same media file may appear in multiple questions. I made a join table to represent this Many2Many relationship. What kind of field should I make in the layout to add multiple images to a record in the table? Is this the situation where I use a portal?
  4. How can I write a script that when a user tabs or clicks in a field, it selects the entire content of that field? Is it possible to make FMPro 7 run a script when a user clicks into a field?
  5. Hi I am a newbie trying to hire a programmer to develop a database solution. I prefer using Filemaker over other databases including MySQL. I have seen that Filemaker is compliant with ODBC and JDBC but does not clearly know what it means. Does it mean I can ask the developer to develop an application using Java and make it communicate with my filemaker tables. Which one is better or easier to use on a mac? JDBC or ODBC? I want to be able to create filemaker databases using my mac but also be able to use them on windows. If I ask the developer to create the application using JAVA, can I create databases in mac and distribute them on windows? Will I still need the developer version of Filemaker? I might in the near future upgrade my computer to a server using OS X server. Considering this, would JDBC be a better option? Thanks John
  6. I was using omnigraffle to illustrate the idea of a database I am planning to build. Omnigraffle has a style brush which copies styles by alt-clicking with the left mouse button and paste the style by left mouse clicking on the new object in the layout. was wondering if the same kind of funtionality exists in Filemaker pro 7 where by you need to select the format painter only once and copy and paste styles using click or alt-click ing on the objects???
  7. Just curious if it is possible to integrate Flash in Filemaker. Is this a new forum. I have not seen a single post in here How is this done. Using PHP and filemaker or some other way? I wished I could use filemaker in the place of MySQL somehow. Though they say MySQL is powerful, I found it extremely difficult to use from the commandline.
  8. I have attached an illustration for a database I am making in Filemaker 7 I am relatively new to this program and understands the basics of FMPro ( I believe so ; ) In the attached illustration, I wanted to know which fields should I be linking in the relationships editor, whether my thought process as illustrated in the picture will work to implement the logic. Please Help !!
  9. it is probably going to take a few more days. I am trying to get an illustration of the idea so that I can post it here.
  10. Just curious about how expensive it would be to hire someone or ask someone to do a database solution. Wanted to use filemaker to make a multiple choice / flashcard application for my students. Have the idea with more features than most commercially available similar applications, but unable to implement it in Filemaker because I am new to this program. Would rather learn the program if it turns out to be prohibitively expensive. Wished some one had made a template for this in Filemaker 7 !!
  11. Many thanks for moon shadow. twas extremely helpful. Thanks to Lee for the "phishing" lesson. I had tried that before, didn't help much. But I will keep that in mind before I post next time.
  12. Just wanted to know if it is possible to create something like the rating option you see on websites like netflix / blockbuster, where if you click on a row of stars, you can enter the star rating for a movie. Wanted to use this feature for a multiple choice application, where by I can ask reviewers to rate the question or can ask students to rate the questions. I believe the rating on html pages is done using javascript. Can we use javascript in filemaker? Are there any other options to enter the same kind of data in the same visually pleasing manner?
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