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  1. I've decided just to redo those records. Thanks for your help Ender!
  2. I also found that when I make a report to count how many items are not "Used," FMP lists the items (whose records are overlooked) twice with two different quantities. The total of the two different quantities is what the calculation should total. The calculation is only taking the first value, and not counting the second.
  3. The calc is: Count(RecordID) - Count(Location), with Location as a calc field: Location = "Used". The result is placed in another table labeled Totals. The relationship I have between these two is through a unique, text field ProductID. I hope this helps.
  4. My problem is there are at least 50 - 75 records that are not being counted in one of my calculations. My calculation is to count each RecordID number (all unique and auto-entered) but for some reason, FMP overlooks these specific records. This calculation works for all of my other inventory items. Did I enter them incorrectly?
  5. actually i figured it out. i had to adjust where my fields were in the layout and they magically showed up. i guess they were interfering with the header or something. thanks for trying!
  6. Hi. I'm hoping someone could help me with this... My Report Layout has two types of fields: Text and Calculation. The calculation fields rely on other tables in my database but the only relationship to the other tables is through Product ID (text). All the text fields show up in the Preview mode but none of the calculation fields show up except for the first item of each page of the report. If the report is in Browse Mode, each item shows all of the fields correctly. Am I missing something?
  7. That totally worked! You are brilliant! Can you tell me why I needed to have a related calculation field in both tables? Now, I'm trying to use the same principle in the same tables but for a different field with slightly different criteria (instead of 3, I want it to be 2). I've noticed it only counts the files that have already met the criteria of equaling 3. Is there any way to make these two calculations completely separate?
  8. I undid the relationship between Table1::Field1 and Table2:AnswerField so that no longer exists. What I wanted it to do was to distinguish between the different values in Table 1 and show the counted results in Table 2 by using "If" functions. If FMP only recognizes the first record of Table 1, that would explain why one of my scripts only works on the first found record and doesn't follow through on the rest of the records. So I guess I need to rework my thinking process...
  9. Ahh. I also looked under the "Help" tab of these forums and I seem to understand that the "Edit" button is timed? I see it now but I did not see it in the post with my first failed attachment. I wasn't quick enough to change it. Thank you guys for helping me out!
  10. Sorry about that. And since I don't know how to edit, I just made a new post. I hope this attachment works... Test_Sample.zip
  11. I have attached a sample file of my database. I think my problem is in my "Usage" calculation in the second table. I believe it's not specific enough? Or maybe I'm making this too complicated and there is a simpler way to count this?
  12. I tried your suggestion but I still can't get it to work. I made Table 2::Answer Filed = Table 1::Field 1 and left the equation the same. I didn't get the results I wanted. Then I changed the equation to : If("3" ; Count (Table 1::Serial Number) ; 0 ). This worked until I manipulated records in Table 1 to see if the equation would accomodate these changes. Then the count went back to zero. Maybe I am not understanding the "relationship" part very well...
  13. Hi everyone. I have another problem (surprise, surprise). I want to count the number of records that fit a certain criteria and show the results in a different table. For example: If Table 1::Field 1 = 3, then I want it to count all the records that have Field 1 = 3 and put it in Table 2. So far, I have: If ( Table 1::Field 1 = "3" ; Count (Table 1::Serial Number) ; 0 ). The problem is is that FMP only looks at the first record of Table 1 and not the rest. I am obviously missing something but I can't figure out what it is. Can anyone help me out?
  14. Thank you very much for your solutions! I only tried the last one and it worked perfectly!
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