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  1. Hello, I'm having a monday afternoon brain-lapse in conjunction with a lengthy amount of time away from FMP--not a good combo. I wish to use the Send Mail script to send data from related records in a list format...e.g... Patient ID, Date of Birth, Weight 101, 2/5/1991, 125 102, 10/1/1987, 143 103, 5/20/1969, 118 etc... (cannot show tab "effect" on this post--so please assume that for every comma above, a tab would be in its place.) The calcs I usually embed within Send Mail scripts usually only require info from one record at a time, so this is throwing me for a loop. TIA for help on what I anticipate to be basic functionality that I should already know! Regards, Julia
  2. Hello all, I have been searching the archives for answers -- and have found information, but some is a bit old, and I wonder if there might be a newer solution. What I need to do is fairly simple, and common: Calculate the # of working days only (excluding weekends) between two dates. There are two scenarios: date1 -> date2, and date1 -> current date. Could anyone advise of a solution or point to an existing topic thread? many thanks in advance. julia
  3. Hi there, Thanks for the reply. I'm still a little confused; I'm not sure how to pass in the current table's name without actually hard-coding it into the script (which then means that each table requires a different script). Any advice? Sorry, it is probably a simple answer that I am completely overlooking! thanks, julia
  4. Hi, I am puzzling over the new Script parameter functions. I wish to have one script that functions across multiple tables, which uses SET FIELD in whatever the current table is. I know that I need to somehow pass Get(LayoutTableName) into it, but cannot figure out how to do so. Could anyone advise? I know it is a basic concept, but I am missing something. : many thanks! julia
  5. Hi there, Thanks very much, I will do a bit more testing, but now feel more comfortable about proceeding with less worry. thanks! julia
  6. Hi all, Before I get too far into things and potentially destroy a good database, I wanted to check to see if there are any known issues around opening a v7 fmp db in v8, then re-opening it in v7? We are unfortunately running both versions at the moment. I've tested this and it appears to be fine, but would love to get confirmation around this from other users. many thanks, julia talley
  7. Stanley, Thank you so much for the information, this is very helpful. One question I have, is it very difficult to integrate the "hit enter" piece of the puzzle? I'm gathering that this can be difficult, but am wondering if the 3of9 font can actually put a barcode symbol for 'enter' at the end so that this is automated. Do you know if this is possible? many thanks, julia
  8. Hello, I am currently maintaining a large inventory of Xray films that I would like to 1) track in Filemaker, and 2) possibly do so via a barcode scanner. Each newly-received film needs to be entered into FMP in order to log and track the inventory. This part I can do seemingly without problems. FYI, there are multiple films per patient per visit, and each film has a different name (Lateral, AP, etc.). The films have to be checked in and out, as they are frequently sent for review. I envision this being a situation whereby the film's previously-generated barcode is scanned, logging the date of check-out, then scanned again once received back in, logging the date of check-in. I understand that there are FMP solutions available that would create the actual barcode, which I would print onto labels and attach to each unique xray. I am assuming that such a solution can be integrated into the inventory tracking db. Where I go from there I am unsure, in terms of how to set up the db to accommodate the actual scanning and check-in/check-out system (scripts, etc.). The solution I found was Brian Dunning's "Barcode Basis" file, which looks like a great mechanism for generating the barcodes. Could anyone advise how to proceed with the actual db integration with a scanner, etc.? I'm sorry, I know this is a huge question, but any direction would be most appreciated. : Many thanks! Julia Talley Abbott Spine Austin, TX
  9. Thanks all for the suggestions - I appreciate it. I tinkered with a few things, and think that a Case() scenario is probably the best bet for this purpose. I forgot to mention that the NUM field is validated upon data entry with a range that doesn't include zero. I think I'm all set. Thanks again! Much appreciated. julia
  10. Hi, I have a calculation that is looking at a numeric field (NUM): if(NUM <4; "ok"; "not ok") (The calculation is actually more involved, but this is the part causing problems...I've simplified the results - "ok" and "not ok" - just for ease of explanation here.) The problem I'm seeing is that if NUM is left blank, the calculation evaluates it as zero, thus causing the result to be "ok", when I need the result to be "ok" only if NUM contains 1, 2, or 3. I would imagine that the simplest way to resolve the issue is to put an additional "if NUM is blank then" condtion into the calculation, but for a variety of reasons I would like to avoid this. Does anyone know of another solution? Many thanks, and apologies if this is a ridiculously simple question! julia
  11. Hello, This is probably a newbie question that I should know the answer to! I have a calculated field that is serving as a match field for two tables. This match field is: Subject_ID & Initials & Visit_Date (Side note: In both tables, the Initials field is pulling from a different (third) table.) The match does not seem to be working - in the portal, I am getting data from the related table, but too much of it, as though the match field is not working properly. It seems to be matching only on the Subject_ID and not including Initials nor Visit_Date. Could the problem be that Initials is a related field to begin with, or perhaps it is a problem with indexing? Any advice would be much appreciated, I feel like I am going crazy and should know why this is not working! Regards, julia
  12. Hi, I am new to the board, but had the same question yesterday and found reference to a tip file: http://www.databasepros.com/FMPro?-db=re...ip=5&-find= It is "Prevent Modification of Fields" - works like a charm. Hope this helps. -julia
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