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  1. I have multiple contracts with various informations (date, number of hours, contractor, contractee, etc.) and would like to be able to organize those records within a list. Ex. i want to see every contracts of at least 45 hours in fall 2015. I know i could sort them manually, but i would like to have this operation automated for all users (including one or two users who know nothing of FMP). It has to be obvious and failproof, that's why i thought of buttons with a combination of sorting scripts. A split screen would look good and let me add as many buttons as needed. If you could show me a way to do it, i'd be most gratefull!
  2. I'd like to create a layout where i would have a list of buttons on the left side to show various informations of the DB (scripts that find and sort records). and i would like to have those records as a list on the right side. I know i could do this with buttons within the header of the layout, but i would like it much better if i could split the screen left/right instead of up/down. Is it possible? Thanks
  3. Great! That's going to work like i want it to. Thanks a lot!!
  4. That's very interesting and usefull.... Thanks I have a question though: is it possible to do a conditional merge field? or to define a merge field in a script? Sometimes i want info in a particular field to be included, and sometimes i don't (even if there is info in the said field). Thanks
  5. I have a script that add content to a field; something like this: set field [target field; target field & source field] I'm looking for a way to use a different text format for the new content i'm adding. I don't have problems changing font, size, style, but i just don't know how to change the "paragraph" setting with the script. This is a printing form, it's a text field with a set field of every related information I have in my DB. What I want to do is add content with different margins to a field while keeping what is already in the field the way it is. Basically, i'll have a part of the content with 0.20cm margin, and another part with 1.00cm. How can i do that? Is this possible? Is there a way to have 2 different paragraph settings for one field? Thanks
  6. Hi, i'm using the "set field" function in scriptmaker and i was wondering if it's possible to change some parameters for the margin (in the text format, the "indent" attribute) in the script. I have a field wich contains some data, i want to add new data but i want it to be 1cm from the left. I'd like to do it without changing the margin for the text already there.... is it possible? What is the function i must use to do this? Am I clear about what i'm trying to do? Thanks
  7. Duh! Ok, i think i'll be able to do what i want with what you told me.... Thanks a lot, it really helps!!! Symont
  8. This is not my file, but it shows what i'd like to do. Thanks sample.zip
  9. Then how come it doesn't work? The caps are ok, but not the size. There is text already in the field i'm pasting in.... can that make a difference?
  10. The text that i want to copy has capital letters and is in size 10. When I copy, the caps are still there, but it's now in size 12 (probably because the field i'm pasting in is in 12). What i want is for the pasted text to stay in 10..... How can I do that?
  11. The check box option is "paste without style" and that's what i don't want! I want to paste "with style" and there is no option for that....
  12. Ok, i have script with a copy/paste step... When i paste, i'd like to paste "with style". The field in wich i'm copying it is in 12 size font and i want the paste text to be in 10 size font. I know that scriptmaker lets me paste "without style", but how can i paste "with style"? Help from FMP says that "Paste without style tells FileMaker Pro to ignore all text style and formatting associated with the Clipboard contents." So, how do i change style and formatting associated with the clipboard? Thanks p.s. i'm using fmp7 btw
  13. I have a value list for the entire BD. The thing is that not every value of the list is used in each record. I'd like to have a list of the values that are used only in ONE record (the 25 is only an example). With this list, i'll be able to know exactly wich values are used in each records individually, and have the entire list of values for the entire BD. I'm using FMP 7.0v1 (not dev)
  14. Hi there, I'm trying to create something like a "condition list of value list". Basically, i'm creating a value list of everything in certains fields (no problems yet). What i'd like to do, is to have a list of every element of the list that are in one particular record, and omit the elements of the list that are not in. Example: I have a value list of about 100 books for ALL the records in my BD. I'd like to to see every book that are listed in only ONE record (let's say there is 25, the list would only show these 25, and not the 75 others). Basically, it means that every record would have a different list of the books comming from the same value list. Is it clear what i'm trying to do? Can someone help me with this? Thanks
  15. Hi, i'd like to do a script that would import data from several records to several others (visible through a portal. Ok, i have a lot of bibliographical references through a DB with a lot of of related tables. To simplify everything, I want to do a "bibliography" layout. I was thinking of adding something like a button with a script that would import all the data from all of the records. This bibliography layout would be associated with another table (say "Biblio_ref") with one record for one references. That would let me see all the references at the same time through a portal in "Bibliography". I would like to know how i could do this. I'm not sure if it's clear for you guys, maybe i'm doing something simple in a much too complex way.... I tried to do a script and the problem was that i only got the first references from every records. You see, in all the tables, i used the same fonctionality has i was just describing (a sub-table with all the references and a main one with a portal showing all the references). I was thinking that maybe the loop function could help me, but i've never used it so i'm not exactly sure if it can help and how to use it. So, basically, what I need is a way to go through all the sub-tables and import all the data to another sub-table so i would be able to see everything in my main "bibliography" table. Thanks for reading this through, and an even bigger thanks if you can help me. Simon
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