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  1. I was just wondering guys...is there any way to do this without using a "flag" field? I used the classic script in a DB to weed out duplicates, but I ran into trouble when I wanted to further cull the records I want. For example, first I want to narrow down the records so that their names show only if their end dates aren't duplicates, and to do this I use the classic loop and a global savedID field. If[custID=gsavedID and endDate = gsavedEndDate], and this weeds out everything I want. Next, I want to show the customers that are only in Japan. I was thinking of using the flag field and just replacing the flags for fields that weren't in Japan. So, a record would be flagged if it was a duplicate and if it's not in Japan. The problem with this is that the flag field somehow becomes 'locked,' a problem I wasn't aware of when I started making the scripts. I was hoping that there was a way to look through the records, and instead of flagging the ones that I didn't want to show, keeping track of the ones that I did want to show. I didn't know how to do this if I want to show a record that is has a duplicate name and ID #, with two unique end dates, and they're both in Japan. (ie: Joe's Harleys, 43992, 5/12/06, JP 01 Joe's Harleys, 43992, 5/12/06, JP 02 Joe's Harleys, 43992, 12/12/07, JP 03 Jim's Ducatis, 43921, 3/4/06, JP 04 Joe's Harleys, 43992, 5/21/07, NZ 05) Is it possible to show 1, 3, and 4? or is this just too complicated a task for FMP? Any help will be greatly appreciated. I'm just so stuck right now it's not funny any more
  2. Okay, now I see. How exactly would one do this? I see that the records are not being modified, and I see that they I want to remember them in a global field. My guess is that I would start with this: (Go to First, Loop, Next [exit after last], end loop), putting the if statement inside the loop, and the command that makes the ID remembered inside the if statement. What exactly do I do after I say, for example: Loop If [custID = "gSavedCustID (-a global field to make sure it's not a duplicate)" and endDate = "gSavedEndDate (dupFinder again)"] I assume it would go here, but I'm still confused about the global thing and need to know what I should put Else Set Field [no dialog, gSavedID, CustID] Set Field [no dialog, gSavedEndDate, EndDate] End If Go to next End loop Thanks again for your help!
  3. I was reading back through the forum, and I became a little confused...doesn't a global field have only one value? How would it be able to check whether the field is locked, and contain the IDs?
  4. You mentioned earlier something about records being locked and a replace function not affecting it. I think this is happening to me. I fixed the flag script so that when FMP starts, it works, replaces everything and flags and omits, like I want it to, but subsequent flags can't be undone by the replace command. It feels like I'm locked here, and I want to be unlocked. Any suggestions? Right now I want to fix the flag script, and will hopefully try the other ideas soon. (Basically a thanks, but I don't quite think I'm at that level yet - only been using this think for about two weeks Again, thank you guys for all of your help, this has been an invaluable reference.
  5. Okay, I see what you are saying here, and I have defined the relationship, but do I have to make a script with a looping IsEmpty?, or is there a way to define the field to automatically fill in the correct 1 or 0 depending on whether the product number is on the current product list?
  6. Is there any way to perform a find in script mode where the finder omits results with * in one field OR in another field? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.
  7. In that case then, how would you make a script to remove duplicate records? Not remove, exactly, but make it so that they are omitted when looking at the data? I was looking through at a thread that had some good ideas, but they all involved the flag column, to my knowledge.
  8. Okay, I now have a separate table with two columns, one with the product number (XXXX-##-XX) and the other with the common name of the product. How do I get a search to see if the data in one field in the other database matches any of the first column in the new DB?
  9. In my database, I use a script to weed out duplicate entries. It worked well until I started using a "flag" field that I created for the script with other scripts. In the script, I use Set Field ["Flag",""""]. What I wanted this to accomplish (-and thought that it did, until recently), was to clear the flag fields for all records, so that it would flag the results I wanted it to, and keep all of the records that were unflagged after the script. Unfortunately, the Set Field ["Flag",""""] command only clears the first one. Thus, if all fields are flagged before the script, the first record (which was cleared) is the only one that shows up unflagged. To remedy this problem currently, I just change the Flag field to global, then back, which has the same effect as clearing all the fields in every record. The problem with this method is that I want other users to use the database, and I feel that this is a pretty unprofessional way of doing things. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  10. Yes, the current product list is in an excel spreadsheet. It is relatively short, and I was planning on simply entering the data into the database list to which I wanted to mach by hand. Should I instead make a "current product" database?
  11. For some reason, the Sliding and Printing option is ghosted out, any idea why this might be?
  12. Okay, now I'm using a title header, which only shows on the first page in preview mode. The problem is that I want the buttons (attached to scripts, which are shown only on the first page in preview [i.e., print mode]) to show in the normal header (floating one, with records scrolling beneather - columnar report), so I can use the scripts attached to them to sort data, and so forth. Is there any way to get these scripted buttons to show in browse mode on *every* page, but not in preview mode? Maybe I can set some settings in preview mode to show me the title heading in lieu of the normal heading, but in print mode they can print as a normal title header and header header would? I know this is a bit long-winded, but I am just trying to describe accurately what is going on. Thank you for any help! :
  13. I'm trying to make a layout that has a header that displays in Browse mode, one that has buttons attached to scripts, a company graphic, etc., but that only prints on the first page in preview mode (like a cover sheet might in Word, except that only part of the page would be the cover sheet - I know, wierd, huh?). It would also be great to have a header that is separate that only has the column labels, that would print on every page. Is there any way to accomplish this?
  14. I have a bunch of records that I want to trim down by seeing if they are all using current products. Basically, in the record is a text/numerical field which indicates which product the customer (record) is using, in this form: XXX-####-XX, and I want to have each record matched to a list of current products, and if the product is current, I want to keep it, and if the product is not in the current list, I want to omit it. Is there any way to do this in FMP?
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