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  1. Hi David, Thanks for your advice. Well our company does both actually, ie Sales and Rental (which includes property management). Hence I would assume that it is not so simple as you have mentioned due to property management factor.
  2. Hi there. I represent a real estate company and we're looking for an fm solution to handle the Trust Accounting side of our operations. Has anyone heard of any solutions that are either FM based, or otherwise are ODBC compatible Cheers.
  3. Hi markriz2001 , I think this topic will help explain your current situation as it did for me. Post: Web Publishing shows only 5 records? (Topic#181277) http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?fid/51/tid/181277/pid/235788/post/last/#LAST
  4. thanks so much for the template soren! much appreciated as i have this same problem too.
  5. Hi. I too am encountering the same problem. I haven't been able to figure it out yet but once I do, I'll make sure I post it up for you. However, if someone out there already knows the reason y this isn't working, it would be a great help to share with the rest of us noobies. According to FM, this function is web-compatible.
  6. I'm trying to import an excel file(contains product info) into my FM database. I've got 2 tables. Product and Customer. I have already setup the customer table with username_old and username_new fields. So when I'm importing the product info from excel into the product table, I have an auto-enter calc field which will calc the new username based on the old username from the excel file. My problem comes when the calc is not working. Is FM not able to do an auto-calc the same time it is importing the data? I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I have attached a sample file in case my explanation is confusing. import.zip
  7. I'm so sorry Ender if I sound confusing. Hope you forgive me. I guess I suck at trying to explain my situation. I actually meant City. I don't think the solution(Name_City_State = User::Name & " from " & User::City & ", " & User::State ) you gave me is what I want and most probably it is because of my lousy explanation of the problem.So I hope everyone will bear with me while I try to explain 1 last time. I have a field called currentcity.(this is to capture the city name which is registered to the current logged in user). I am thining of using the function get(accountname) to acquire the logged in accountname which after getting, match it to the record of users in the database to see which city this user is registered to.Finally once i have the name of the city, i would like it to be placed in the currentcity field for me to use in other places as that will be a global field.
  8. hi ender. I do but how am I able to do in all in one calculation? What I'm trying to accomplish is have a lookup field based on the logged in user's city. Therefore a record will contain the user's name and city they are from but i just can't seem to have an idea on how to match that with the accoutname and then translate it into a city within a calculation and there are too many users to use a case function(i think)to do comparison.
  9. Hello. I'm trying to do a calculation and can't seem to figure it out. My objective is to determine the state that the user is from when they logged in. I've created a global field using the get(accountname) function to get the current accountname.Next in the same table, I have created an accountname field and state field which holds the respective data. So once I have the current accountname that is logged in, how do i compare that with my database of accountname and get the state they are from?
  10. thanks for the tip Genx. Just downloaded it and will check it out. Looks very promising. Thanks once again.
  11. Thanks for your input Genx. Is there such a thing where a script can be automated to run at specific time intervals? will running an advanced server help in doing so?
  12. Hello everyone. I'm tinkering around with an idea and hoping that someone might be able to help point me in the right direction. I'm trying to come up with a solution whereby if a user searches thru a database and comes up empty, the user is then able to submit something like a 'ticket' which is valid for a certain time period(lets say for example 3months). What this 'ticket' function would do is that it would check any new records that is being added by any other users of the db for that particular period and if there is a match, the system(server) would then be able to send an email notification to that user who submited the 'ticket'.
  13. thank you to all the gurus for giving your usefull feedback. Much appreciated.
  14. thanks so much for the tips and answers. I have managed to get it sorted out. I think my mistake was that the privilege set names were case sensitive.
  15. Hmm..tried that advice but still doesn't work. I've put my test file up. Maybe someone could show me how it's done? For privilege set Data Entry Only Username:data pass:data Full access Username:admin pass: login.zip
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