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  1. Thanks for writing back. I can only get into the admin console if I restart the fmserver service. When I restart it I can get in for a while both remotely and directly on the server, but then when I come back to it later I can't get in again unless I restart the service again. Do you still think this is Java related? I am running Java Platform, Standard Edition 1.6.0. When I tried upgrading Java previously it caused other problem with the console.
  2. I still am having a problem with the admin console and I don't believe it's the Java version. I have been able to get around it for a while by using the command line but now I need to use the PHP site assistant. Any other ideas?
  3. It is always running, but the problem still exists. Thanks, m
  4. There are a lot of posts about the admin console not starting on Macs, but I have the same problem on Windows. The only way I can ever get it running is to restart the FM server service. Any ideas? Thanks, Moses
  5. That's a huge help. Thanks.
  6. I'm using external server authentication for single sign on. If I'm logged into the domain, is there some way to bypass SSO so I can log on to an internal account? Thanks, Moses
  7. I did what you said so I assume it is open but hidden now. So how do I get into the file so I can make changes to scripts, etc? Thanks, Moses
  8. How can I open a database without the start up script running (the one configured under file options)? The problem is that I need to edit the database but that script automatically exits out of the file. Thanks, Moses
  9. I ended up using some other code. Here it is if anyone's interested: [color:green]function draw_pager($url, $total_pages, $current_page, $groupSize) { $URLExtend = '&org_unit='.$_POST['org_unit'].'&department='.$_POST['department'].'&jobFamiliesCombined='.$_POST['jobFamiliesCombined'].'&examplesCombined='.$_POST['examplesCombined'].'&areas_of_education='.$_POST['areas_of_education'].'&areas_other='.$_POST['areas_other'].'&category_employment='.$_POST['category_employment'].'&-lop='.$_POST['-lop'].'&go=Find+Records&-sortfield_1='.$_POST['-sortfield_1'].'&-sortorder_1='.$_POST['-sortorder_1'].'&'; if ( $current_page <= 0 || $current_page > $total_pages ) { $current_page = 1; } if ( $current_page > 1 ) { printf( "[start] n" , 0, 1); printf( "[Prev] n" , ($current_page - 1) * $groupSize, ($current_page-1)); } for( $i = ($current_page-5); $i <= $current_page+5; $i++ ) { $skip = ($i - 1) * $groupSize; if ($i < 1) continue; if ( $i > $total_pages ) break; if ( $i != $current_page ) { printf( "%2$d n" , $skip, $i); } else { printf("%2$d n", $skip, $i); } } if ( $current_page < $total_pages ) { printf( "[Next] n", $current_page * $groupSize, ($current_page+1)); printf( "[End] n", ($total_pages - 1) * $groupSize, $total_pages); } } $groupSize = 10; $pageGroupSize = 2; $pages = ceil($searchResults['foundCount']/$groupSize); $groups = ceil($pages/$pageGroupSize); $url = 'https://domain.edu/ii/search.php'; $current_page = isset($_POST['page']) ? $_POST['page'] 1; draw_pager($url, $pages, $current_page, $groupSize) ?>[/color]
  10. I work for an IT department that manages a large number of databases, automated reports, desktop computers, etc. They have given me the task of finding an application which will inventory all of these components. For example, we will store database information such as filename, physical location, username, password, etc. As I see it, one of the key challenges of this project is to come up with an easy way to maintain the records, and I’m thinking a Web interface would be best. Additionally, some items need to be grouped together into a system. For example, a Web application may consist of several databases as well as a server. And of course we’re going to need to create reports. Does anyone have knowledge of an existing application that will do this? Many thanks, Moses
  11. Did you ever find the answer? I am wondering the same thing and would appreciate it if I could see the code.
  12. I have a bunch of emplyee records in a Filemaker database here, and I 'm publishing them to the web with PHP. I need a way for people to go to the web page and import the data into their Outlook contacts. The best thing would be if they clicked a link and it was automatic -- not a manual import. Anyone know a good way? Thanks, Moe
  13. I'm new to FX.php, and everything was working great but now if I run a query on a layout that contains fields from a related table I run into trouble. Instead of returning a handy array that is easy to work with an object gets returned that conatins layer on top of layer of other objects and arrays. I don't know why it was working normally before and now I am having this problem. This is what the beginning of the returned object looks like (it's too long to print the whole thing). Help please! FX_Error Object ( [error_message_prefix] => [mode] => 1 [level] => 1024 => 100 [message] => FX: ExecuteQuery XML error: Invalid document end at line 2 [userinfo] => [backtrace] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [file] => C:InetpubwwwrootFXFX.php [line] => 1362 [function] => FX_Error [class] => FX_Error [object] => FX_Error Object *RECURSION* [type] => -> [args] => Array ( [0] => ExecuteQuery XML error: Invalid document end at line 2 )
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