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  1. So the rule would be. Week starts on a Sunday end on Saturday regardless of fractions of weeks. January is part of the previous fiscal calendar. does that make sense. sorry for confusing you
  2. I am. writing about what i really needed helped me out.
  3. In the sample above February 2, 2014 (Sunday) would be week 1. So no fractions of weeks do not count.
  4. Thanks for the info, that worked for my year/month. My week starts Sunday to Saturday. This year my Week one was 1/31/2016 and goes all the way to 1/28/2017 (wk 52). hope this helps.
  5. Hi, I'm importing records and have a date field that i need to use to set my Fiscal year, month, week based on the fiscal year starting February 1st and ending January 31st. Any ideas or sample i might be able to take a look. Thanks in advance.
  6. We have this in place, the reason why i'm tryin to put all the items under one row is because i'm trying to print a label and a content label using bartender. Currently due to the software limitations this is the only format i can make it work to come up with what we need.
  7. Hi All, I'm trying to see if Filemaker would be able to move a field in a row and move it to a specific column/field. In my sample i have many rows per each sales order. I would like to create 1 row with all the items sent to a new field. the goa is to have 1 row with all the items, but items under multiple columns/fields. I attached a sample, i'm hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction. not sure if its a hard or something simple. Thanks in advance. Field Sales.fmp12
  8. Great. Thank you. this will get me started.
  9. No Worries, Thank you for your help. yes the goal is to export more than one order at a time.
  10. So I took the sample above and added the rest of fields, and tried exporting out of FIlemaker but I get no data. I'm sure I'm missing a bunch of the basics on this. any ideas what all I'm missing. thank you template.xsl xml test.xml XML.txt
  11. SalesOrder_MagentoSales.xsd SalesOrder_MagentoSales.xsdHi and thanks in advance if you are reading my issue. I have data in filemaker that i need to export to XML so my ERP system can pull it in and create a Sales order. I have the XML Schema and also have a sample XML of what it should look like. The missing piece is i don't have a XSL style sheet and not sure where to start or how to create one. I been looking a many sites and many post, but feel I'm getting more confused than anything else. Can somebody point me in the right direction or possibly help me create the XSL Style sheet? I'm a visual person and have tried looking for videos or instructions, but not luck yet. The ERP system we're using is Microsoft AX 2012 R2 and will be using an AIF port to pull the XML to create the order. Any help would be appreciate it.. Attached is the XML Schema and the XML sample and the FM database with the data. Thank you SalesOrder_MagentoSales.xsd B2B_MagentoOrder.xml ExternalOrders.zip
  12. I have a db with over 20k records and I'm introducing a new field to my child table. Each Parent cant have many childs and for each child I would like to assign a unique number starting with 1. the goal is to see all my child items the following way. Parent, child ID, ActivePortalRowNumber 6294 14785236 1 6294 14785237 2 6295 14785238 1 6296 14785239 1 6296 14785240 2 6296 14785241 3 My current challenge is that I can create a calc to get the active portal row number, but its only going forward. how can I go back and set the rest of the 20k. Thanks.
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