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  1. and you're right. using the menu was more efficient. thanks again. thanks too, aaa. your script sample helped too.
  2. how is this done? i have a database showing 2 types of disbursements - expenses and purchases. if the entry is an expense, it should proceed with a certain layout, if a purchase another layout. I use FM7.
  3. Thanks SlimJim. As usual, I was making things more difficult than it should've been. Works fine.
  4. i am working on a lineage (pedigree) type of database. what i would like to happen is that when i click on a field (showing dog's name), it would bring me to the records of that particular dog. for example, a record contains dogA, dogB is dogA's sire, dogC is the dam. if i click on dogB, it would bring me to dogB's main record showing dogB's sire and dam and so on. i thought all i needed to do was to get to find mode and get related records but i could not get any script to work. i probably need a sample script for this. thanks for any help in advance.
  5. i meant the whole report on the current/first page. yes, it is in preview mode. on the current table, i created 2 buttons w/ scripts. seems this 2nd button retains the size of the window of the other button script when it previews the report. but not vice-versa. such that the other script shows the report just fine (slightly smaller window) but this script doesn't reveal the whole report on the page since its report layout is a bit wider than the other.
  6. i expect it to show the whole report (it's not) and not necessarily the whole window. shouldn't it? i've maximized it now and yes, i might have to specify the window size for a better look.
  7. i am using 96dpi fonts. still not working so i did end up adjusting the layouts and maximizing the windows - but only for the scripts where the resize to fit doesn't work. thanks, rob.
  8. seems like as it hides the status area, it doesn't adjust properly so that i don't see the whole report.
  9. thanks, comment. i'm just reading up on scripts and it does seem that there are instances that a script would require being in the right context when it is performed.
  10. Hey, LaRetta. Seems like #3 is the culprit. Am doing some tweaking now and hope all will be ok. However, seems kind of odd to me that a script should be fired from a specific TO. I figured with the correct script steps, it should work independent of the particular TO you are on. From a newbie's perspective, isn't this something that can be improved on FM7? Thanks very much, people. This forum is a gem for newbies like me.
  11. I'm creating a databse with a main menu page. I created a button linked to a script I made. Funny thing is when this button is clicked, it doesn't work right. Whereas, from the same menu window, if I click on the script name from scriptmaker menu, it's fine. I checked the specify button dialog, and the button is correctly linked to the right script.
  12. thanks much, comment. it worked. but shouldn't it work equally when being sorted from the records menu? btw, can anybody recommend a good fm7 book for me?
  13. got that. i did it as a sub-summ also so that only the last records (latest date) per product will show. worked, but now. . .let me explain. im working on 2 tables products and transmittals where transmittals shows the records of where the products were sent and their current location. i'd like the report to show where the products are currently at, and the total number of each product. from the pt of view of products, i could not get the products to summarize and show only the latest date per product record. even if i sort descending. i only get the first record to show (which is the earliest date). but i do get a correct count of the products. i did a calculation field to count product numbers and this is ok from this pt of view. other way around from the pt of view of transmittals, i get the correct summary where it shows the latest dates per product (where it's currently at), but i could not get it to count the total products correctly. i inserted the summary field to count the product numbers from the products table but it always gives me a count of 1 per product type. remember this is from pt of view of transmittals. sounds so simple and yet. . .
  14. hello all. i'm trying to do a report to show the latest date (or record) only for each product number. what i did was create a sub-summary based on the product number and tried to sort the date in descending order so that only the records by product number with the latest dates would show. but it's still showing the first records per product number. what gives? or do i have it all wrong? thanks guys.
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