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  1. I want to expand or possibly change, the use of the dropdown in the estimates screen to be able to choose products by using the product description rather than the product ID. Any hints to help me understand how this is working in the first place, and how I may add this functionality? Thanks! Ken
  2. Thanks for the additional information... I think what you have is not only a log of what happened,but the details (content) of what happened. a very nice "paper" trail. we'll see how well this notification system works, as we are back at school today. :(
  3. Thanks for the reply. I don't know what you mean by an activity record of type email.... however, I have implemented a server side script that checks for new referrals hourly. Maybe that will work well enough.
  4. I'd like to automatically send an email when a new record is entered via CWP. Here's the situation. Student information system. Teachers can enter a discipline referral for a student via CWP, and the office needs to know that it's been entered. How can I trigger such an email. thanks in advance for any help or advice.
  5. Hi, just wanted to say I just found this solution (just now needed it) and the files were extremely helpful. It should be gratifying to know they are still providing help years after they were first posted. Thanks!! Ken
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