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  1. Thanks for the answers. I have found an up to date med database: http://www.e-mds.com/services/icd9/ Thanks for the advice and I have decided to follow it. Toffler
  2. I am contructing an electronic medical record. I have a patient's medication table related the patient demographics table. Of course many patients will be on the same drug. I will have a master drug table which will facilitate rapid entry of medications into a patient's medications table. Now I could use a join file, med_record_# to Drug_ID#. But in this case if the user wanted to enter a drug into the patients medications table (the join table) that was not in the master drug database, he would have to stop and add the drug to the master drug table first. As well, any corruption to the master drug table would affect many patient records. In this case, is it acceptable to have the duplication of data to make the database more secure and easier to use? Hope this is not a dumb question, but my experience is limited. Thanks, Toffler
  3. There is a drug database for download at http://www.drugref.org/modules.php?op=mo...nload&cid=1 There is the PostgreSQL data and the schema for the database. I need someone to download this data and convert it into a Filemaker Pro 7 database. I also need someone to teach me to use the PostgreSQL database so that I can do updates for myself (though for a reasonable fee, I would pay for updates as well). I still need to know the PostgreSQL though. Any takers, put in a bid. I would prefer a certified developer, but anyone with proven credential is OK. Toffler
  4. Attached is a nutrition database I developed to track daily intake. Though it is not 100% complete it is useful and provides info on over 6900 foods. This is my second Filemaker app so sugesstions for improvements welcome. I used the USDA SR-17 database for the nutritional info (free). I zipped it with a free utility at http://www.7-zip.org/ as WinZip or the Windows Zip utilty would not compress it enough. Hope it opens and that some of you find it useful. When finished it will track about 30 nutrients. Toffler Nutrients.zip
  5. get the portal rows to show their alternating colors when scroling? I could do it in FMP6, but with 7 all the rows take on the backgroud color when scroling. Toffler
  6. When constructing any type of medical solution, make the patient's ID# (primary key) a number field, auto enter serial number, increment by 1. Do not allow overide and require a unique value. In the related tables, have foreign key, equal to the patient's ID#. The relationship between the two tables will be Primary Key = Foreign Key. They could both be named "Pt_ID_Number" for example. If your record system in the office has some medical record number for each patient and you want that number in the FMP database, then simply make a field for it, but don't use it in the relationship as mis-entry or change to that umber could cause your data to become corrupted. When you add a record in your related tables via a portal, the ID# (foreign key) will populate itself automatically. Toffler
  7. With the separation model, what is the approach to security in the data files? Specifically restricting access to particular fields? Toffler
  8. Try here: http://www.password-recovery-service.com/pricing.php or http://www.lostpassword.com/filemaker.htm Toffler
  9. I am curious as to the most efficient way to move data from one portal to another. I have a portal that displays drug name, dosage and instructions. I move the information from this portal to a patients drug list in another portal by first putting the text into a global field using: SetField [ x;y ] where x is the global field and y the portal data GoToField [ z ] where z is in the other portal GoToPortalRow [ last ] SetField [ z ; x ] Is there a better way? Creating fields just to hold data temporarily seems wasteful. Toffler
  10. I am building an electronic medical record for my clinic. Much of what is involved in an electronic medical record is moving stored data like past medical history, family history etc., into a note which is created for a particular visit date. Some of my scripting seems clumsy. Here are two of the techniques I have been using, but seem clumsy to me. I would like to know if they are sound techniques and if there is a better way? 1. I have created text fields which temporarily holds text while I am creating a note. When the note is finished I click a "sign note" button and the text is stored in a notes table by way of [go to portal row (last)] and then set field command. The create notes field is cleared and ready for the next note. This way, when the past notes are viewed in a portal they are viewed a calculated fields and thus cannot be altered. If I typed directly into a portal this would not be the case. 2. In my scripting, I have the script go to another layout and then loop through a portal using a set field command at each protal row to put text into a field that is then incoporated into my note. An example is moving a list of medications the patient is using from a portal into their note. This happens quickly and the switch to other layout is invisible. Toffler
  11. I was watching a video at Petrowsky's site and he said that every table should have as it's first field, a number field labled ID, auto enter serial number. My question is: is this necessary in child records? What is the purpose of doing this? Toffler
  12. I'm building an office appoinment scheduler. If a slot (a field) is open (empty) I want the background green and if closed I want the background red. I have the container calculation field which holds the color behind the time slot field. The color changes fine based on if the field is empty or not. However, when any field is clicked into, the color changes to white. This only happens when the fields are in a portal. Any way to remedy this? Thanks, Toffler
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