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  1. Hi, I don't know ..is my question are in the right forum. Is that possible to recover file that i already compile with Kiosk. I mean using a script to automatic recover damage file ? Thank for your kind attention. Ben
  2. Hi there, I have a bucnh picture of my product, i want to make a database for my product with picture. Is that possible to make a script that allow me insert my product picture in product field (container) after input product code in code field ? so i can sort my work insteed input code and insert picture as manual work. Thank for your kind attention and sorry for my english...
  3. Hi aaa Thank for your quick respond and it's great, work just what i want. Thank again for your kind help i really appriciate Cheers Ben
  4. Dear Friend I had made relation between Detail Record (A.fm5) and Portal Record (B.fm5) and i made button that alowed user see detail record from Portal. Because of long list of record in portal, how can I display or select record from detail record. For example if I click "JASON" in portal other windows will appear to show detail of "JASON" but when I close deatil windows it doesn't go to "JASON" again but go to first row. How can I direct to "JASON" row in portal when I close detail record ? Thank for your kind attention, I do really need an answer. Cheers Ben
  5. I make o payroll table with portal that connect to personal record, record in portal also have field for other income that can be input manual. My problem is How can I print every record in portal in different page ? Relation portal in division, in table payroll show me all payment for staff in different division. Anybody can help me.... ? :confused:
  6. BTW.... I do appriciate your kind help.. What you have disscus is more than I need... Thank guy's....
  7. I'm sorry if I post in wrong forum.. My question is it's possible to enter time in field with format time without enter ":", for example if I enter 830 it will show 8:30. I need your kind suggestion... Thank you for your kind attention Thx Ben
  8. :beer: Que.. you'r the Man.. Work like I want.... thank alot ( in my language - Terima kasih Banyak )
  9. Thank's a lot que... I working on it and will let you know the result after weekend.. Have nice weekend and thank for your kind help.. Ben
  10. Hi que..... I still working on it.. but I thing I should have brian surgery.... I had make selfrelationship also value list but I still don't have clue for valuelistitems specially on "yourvaluelistname" can you give me more clue...... Thank for your kind.. Ben
  11. Hi que Yes I do need a global field, I'm not doing your sugestion yet... but I have other question is that work for record that have same name ? for example in 10 record that I have there is record that have same in field "NAME" so I want to put field "NOTE" in the global field but only record that have same field "NAME".. thank you for your sugestion and help
  12. I have 10 different record with note (text) and what I want is put all note in one field. Is anybody can help me ? I'll appriciate your kind help. Ben
  13. I have no idea to do this ....... if someone can helkp me I do appriciate your kind help. I have bill form and invoice form, in invoice form I use portal to see my bill by selecting my customer (agent) what I want is the name of customer should be in invoice and invoice number will be given manual, i don't know if I can give you what I want but here I attch my file hope anybody can grab me from this mud...... And I really do appriciate if someone can help me.... Ben page1.zip
  14. Hi Laretta I thing the problem is mine, I try with other computer work fine.... Thank for your support.. Cheers Ben
  15. Hi A, you may pass my post #164935, I had find the solution for this posting I realy surprise this think is so simple in FM. What I do is made one field that equel with No. Bill and made "find" script which is No. Bill set > 1 so I will find List of Agent that had balance payment in range of date "datefrom" to "Untildate" Thank for your again Cheers Ben
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