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  1. Picture inside the info window

    Hello Tim, first i want to congratulate you for all the fmeasy series. You are doing an excellent job (specifically with fmeasy sync) I am testing easymaps and of course it works just fine. My question is if it is possible when clicking an pin in the map inside the info window to show the picture from the corresponding records container field. Thanks again for the great job
  2. Dynamic find

    with fm 8 its easy.... you set a global field taking values from companies name and you check the auto complete feature
  3. translating edit or add

    Is there a way to translate in another language the edit and add that exist in a value list (or change the name....)???
  4. why does he need a plugin a simple self-relationship with a global field won't do???
  5. open any folder go to tools folder option view and uncheck hide extensions for known files types BE CAREFUL after that when you change a name for example mike.doc to mike1 you must write it mike1.doc
  6. "Save as PDF" in runtime

    oops if this isn't working in runtime we should know it.....
  7. it works in xp also just change imagemac with imagewin and filemac with filewin anyway very nice tip thanx...
  8. i am using exeshield.... try it if you like www.exeshield.com
  9. i think you can by setting as default the user name in file options

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