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  1. Here is what I would like to try to solve. You are using this program that I built for a Dragracing event. When You Have your event you have invited your own class (Blue Cars) and that namne is not on the list. So you would like to create a new class, and that you do by adding a class on Layout 8. Klasser= Raceclasses. In registration (layout 2. Anm
  2. Background scripts seems as an interesting solution. I use a Field = Creation Timestamp that is created when New Start (New Record) i being klicked upon and then I select the stratnumber (popup list) and after both fields (Track 1 & Track 2)are complete I press the Startbutton and send info to external device. And then i click New start again and a new Timestamp is created. Difference between these two is what I would like to calculate (and that's no problem) But the thing is, if you get a popmeny when you are focused on the start then it will distract you - that's not good. So, if this can be done with automatic counting of time, then: If (Timestamp are equval or over Timestamp + 300 (seconds) ; Show Custom Dialog Box (script) ; otherwise do nothing )
  3. I have no problem posting my files, but it's in Swedish and I think that could be some problem to fully understand. But let's give it a shoot. In the zip-file there is a Read This textfile that will help understand. If Anybody has something to ad that might help me, feel free to join. Peter Norling Test_Tidtagning_Ver_2.0.zip
  4. Thank's for your answer. I think that FM is a wonderful program to work with, but sometimes you need to find another way around to find a solution. Perhaps this is the solution that need to be solved in a different way. I will continue and if I find a solution I will publish it here at this forum Best Regards Peter Norling Sweden
  5. If I type a new value in i record is it possible to use the new value and automaticly create a button for that value. Ex. One layout (Fruits) and it's Record contains Apple, Orange, Bananas Another Layout (Names) contains Records with Peter Tony Bo that is related to the layout with the records containing Apple, Orange, Bananas A third layout contains Three searchbuttons "Apple" "Orange" "Bananas" and the records of: NAME FRUITS Peter=(Lookup Value from Names) Apple=(Lookup Value from Fruits) Tony=(Lookup Value from Names) Orange=(Lookup Value from Fruits) Bo=(Lookup Value from Names) Bananas=(Lookup Value from Fruits) New Record Johnny Cucumber(Created in the existing field) The FruitRecord recives the new value and the NameRecord recives the new value. So far so good. But when done I would like to have a automatic creation of a button named "cucumbers" that will search for cucumbers. Peter Norling Sweden
  6. Autoupdate fieldcontent I need to have a field with a time stamp (no problem) and when counting time from the startingpoint till after 5 minutes (300 seconds) I need a list to open with differnet choises as a reason for why it took that time before anything happend. I used an IF (Field > 300 ; Message ; Message) and it works fine, but it does not AutoUpdate. If I do nothing, nothing happens. And the script is useless. Ex. When I send info to the startingtree I also send a timestamp and the next start I send a new timestamp. If there is a differense between the two timestamps of five minutes I would like to log that from a automatic choise (chechboxes) Say. 1 Clearing of oil on tracks 2 breakdown 3 Car Towed Etc. Peter Norling Sweden
  7. I have a problem in getting validation separate letter+number "p1" and number only "1" as Unique value. If I define the (number) field as Unique value I get a message that the number is in use if I enter letter +existing numbervalue. If I define the (text) field as Unique value I have no problem entering Unique values ... but then when I use sort or find... Need to have numbers as sorting and text when entering. How do I do that. Or how do I calculate the Unique value upon entering data. Peter Norling Sweden Ps. The numbers entered are starting numbers for dragracing and Cars have number (1078) and Bikes have Letters + Numbers (Mc1078)
  8. Thank's I will try that! It's late in Sweden so I will report tomorrow Peter Norling Sweden I could not wait till tomorrow. I have done it and it worked. Thank you very much. You saved me a lot of trouble.
  9. Uniqe value = Startnumbers When I search for ex. startnumber 9 I also get 91, 92, 93, and so on. Yes I know that if I first insert the symbol "=" I only recive the number "9". But (yes there is always a but). I would like to have the symbol "=" always before everything I type in in the searchbox. The reason is simple. If someone else using the searchfunktion and type just "9" they will recive 24 findings that will be exported instead of just one and that will f-ck up everything. Please how do I do to constrain the search to exact match whitout typing in "=" everytime I do a search. I do at least 1 000 searches every time I use the program so 1 symbol less is a lot of time. Peter Norling Sweden Ps. The database is for dragracing and I use it as a timingprogram.
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