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  1. thanks every one for the help, much appreciated.
  2. can some body give me a formula for calculating the age of a person. Will be entering their birth date in a field and then in a seperate feild want their age to appear, thanks.
  3. Yes thats a good idea, have done that however stuck on the calculation part. All I need to do is display the four octects with a period between each octect. Any ideas on that?
  4. this is probably an easy one. I need to place IP addresses into a field. Can I format the field so that the numbers are entered like ###.###.###.### of course not all IP addresses have three numbers in each section so hopefully it will not ask for three numbers if there is only one. But would be nice just to get the . automatically entered. Whats the best way to do this?
  5. Sorry about confusion, yes the find is only in the notes table. I dont want to find employee records where ActionRequired feilds are set to action. I only want to find them in the notes table and then display them in a list. Currently it finds them but if there were multiple notes for that employee then it displays one of these notes and that note is often not even set to action.
  6. Yes thats correct, but only want to display the note marked ACTION. Its definitley finding all records that have a note marked ACTION. However each person can have multiple notes in a related file. Not all are marked ACTION. All I need to do now is find some way to display only the related record marked ACTION. Curently it finds any person with any notes Marked ACTION but displays other notes that can be marked completed
  7. Search is being done in a portal, the search feild is a value list
  8. Thanks, but still another problem. Say I have the following records in my notes database related to one person. record 1 - Misc. text 1 Action record 2 - misc. text 2 Complete record 3 - misc. text 3 ok its finding the related records for this person due to it searching for ACTION. However instead of displaying the record marked ACTION in some cases it is displaying record 3 that is unmarked from the value list.
  9. Here is the script, hope some one can see whats wrong. Action Report Set Window Title [ Of Window: Current Window; New Title: "Report" ] Go to Layout [ "Action Report" (Employee) ] Perform Find [ Specified Find Requests: Find Records; Criteria: Notes Employee ID::Action Required: "=action" Omit Records; Criteria: Notes Employee ID::Action Required: "=" Omit Records; Criteria: Notes Employee ID::Action Required: "=completed" ] [ Restore ] Sort Records [ Specified Sort Order: Notes Employee ID::Date Created; ascending ] [ Restore; No dialog ] Show/Hide Status Area [ Hide ] Scroll Window [ Home ]
  10. hope some one can help me. I setup a find to search on a drop down list that can be either set to Action or Completed. However when the sript runs the find it does not find all the records set to Action. Only about half of them. I have an omit in there after the find to omit all the records set to completed.
  11. I need to get a total of the number of times a certain word appears in a feild. The feild is a value list which has the words Active, Canelled in it. I just need to know how many records are set to Active. Whats the best way to go about this? thanks.
  12. Need to generate a random dollar amount between $1000 and $2000 with the cents on the end. Have the following formula but how do you limit the cents to two numbers and stop the number going below $1000 (Random * 2000) + 1 Also is there a way to format the result so a comma shows at the thousands mark and to put a $ symbol in the result like $1,387.90
  13. I have a calculation feild which gets the first initials and last name. However there is no white space between the initials or name, can anyone please suggest how I would do this, thanks. Left ( LeftWords (Employee::First Name ; 1 ) ; 1) & Left ( LeftWords (Employee::Middle Name ; 1 ) ; 1) & Employee::Last Name
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