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  1. Hi, I hope someone will have a better idea for you but in my case, I set one commit trigger on the number field of invoice's line. Gilles
  2. You must create a relationship from your table to itself. Matching on the year and the numeric field. Then a script can increment your numeric field with a "max(MyRelationship::numerique) +1. So, the numeric field will start with "1" when appear a new year. (I hope my english spoken is understandable enough) Gilles
  3. Hi, I hope I've understood your problem here an example (no parameters, no variables) Gilles Items.fp7.zip
  4. Are you sure that nothing is imported in your ID's field during import ?
  5. Hi, the best for that is actually to let your composite products in the product table. You can attach the components products to the kit product with another occurrence table (from the same products table) Gilles
  6. Hi, wether you've adjust your field to be serialized, you can see another window within the manual import process. You must pick the option "Perform auto-enter options while importing". Gilles
  7. Hi Adrian, be carefull about that if you have put your relationship on the contact's name, so, effectivly,you can get his ID in the second field. But it is not a good solution, because if your database host two or more similar name, the ID collected will be wrong Gilles
  8. Hi, I try to understand english and I'll try to be understandable. Your ID contact must come directly from your value list. You must tick the option "Also display values from the second field" and "Show value only from the second field" The first item of the value list must be the ID, and the second the contact's name. Hope it(s help Gilles
  9. Thank's Fabrice to confirm. So the best way is to forget these steps ? (whatever bad steps). It seems to me that all other ways may be dangerous. Gilles
  10. myopus

    "pop up"

    May be you'll find different tips just to do this. But an another way (mine), is to take a look at http://www.bh-a.com/layoutproperties/ by Fabrice Nordmann. which solves the problem, among many other things Gilles
  11. Hi, if it's just to avoid that the user sees the new window, you can set it to 1x1 pixels at the top and left of your main window. Gilles
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