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  1. Thanks- that did the trick. Happy New Year!!! :exactly:
  2. Currently I have a field marked media in which I enter the media cost. Then, there is another field named "admin". it is an auto-entered calculation based on 3% of the media. Then, there is a Total field which is the media + admin. Admin is raising to 4% but when I change the formula, all the old records are changing as well.
  3. Gotcha Veteran. Now, how do I differentiate between the historic and the new? (the admin is just a service charge)
  4. currently i have one field that's a total media and then an admin that is a calculation of total media. I want to increase the admin without changing the old records.
  5. : Greetings and happy new year. Rates are rising and I need to change the way they are calculated (currently as a percentage). However, when i do this, all the old record totals are changing too. How can I fix this?
  6. [color:blue] Hi fmp friends- you've been there for me before and I need your help again. I have a layout with a prioritize field. The numbers are auto entered and protected with a unique value. However, I am looking for the ability to automatically re-enter and autosort the priorities if something comes in at a higher level. Similar to the way blockbuster and netflix organize their queues. Any easy help for newbie me?
  7. jordioni

    Missing Data

    there's 285 records, and yes, its set to view all- (other computers viewing remote can see them.)
  8. jordioni

    Missing Data

    One layout is called Media and the field is media name. the other layout is called insertion and the field is a drop down list displaying the values from media name.
  9. jordioni

    Missing Data

    [color:green]Here's a stumper for you. We are using filemaker 8 in a small office of 4 computers. One of our layouts imports media names from another layout as a drop down list. On the host computer, the alpha list stops around the S media. On all the other ones, the list is able to be viewed through Z. This wasn't always the case and we're not sure what happened or how to resolve! Any ideas on problem/fix? Much thanks.
  10. I have a value list containing clients. There is an edit option to add new clients as they come in. However, when they appear on the pop up list for entry into a timesheet, they appear in the order they were entered. Is there any way to have them appear alphabetically? Thanks in advance.
  11. Your template is great but how can I modify to subsort by store?
  12. [color:green]Thank you. I will attempt both solutions.
  13. I really tried to figure this out but I need to go to the pro's. I am building a yes/no survey with 25 questions for 4 stores. There will be 12 responses per store I would like to sub summarize by store and total for each Q. Thus far I have one layout with fields for each question and a checkbox value list for yes. I appreciate any help in advance.
  14. Sorry to be so lame but I don't understand what goes into the formula... my timestamp is a field called Order date. when I create the calculation cMonth, what exactly is the calculation? Your patience is appreciated.
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