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  1. Tried to install another printer and see if it just didn't like my printer, still came out in gibberish. Preview mode shows it perfect, Browse mode shows it perfect, but when it prints, it comes out similiar to this; 7DVXP or 9LQFHQW but all jumbled up and real close together and overlapping, numbers come out as little boxes, it looks like an encription of some kind, but I don't know enough about it to fix it.......... HELP !! Vince
  2. I just tried to paste the scanned image of what it looks like and it won't let me paste a .jpg into post box...... ALL persons that want to see what it actually looks like post me your E-Mail address and I'll send it to you.... Looks like Klingon to me, but you decide.... Vince aka, Terminally Confused
  3. I've checked that in the preferences, and it's showing western Arial font and English........ The browser mode shows everything fine and in english, so does the preview mode.... But when it prints, everything from the FileMaker program prints in Klingon...... Any more suggestions are VERY MUCH appreciated....... Vince
  4. Everything except filemaker prints good...... I've printed one of the filemaker templates as an experiment and it prints in jibberish as well..... The copied form that I pasted into the layout prints fine, just every field prints in jibberish..... All other applications print good as well. I've re-installed the printer drivers and updated them, I've updated to 7v3 filemaker, and have one of the new E-Machines, It has got to be something in Filemaker itself that's causing the problem..... Any suggestions are helpful.... I've tried everything I can think of and some stuff that just isn't supposed to be thought of..... Vince
  5. I have a major printing issue I'm desparate for some help with...... I'm running windows XP and Filemaker 7v3 I have a Compaq A3000 All in one printer ( Old but it still works ok) I've done an field overlay of a form and made it into a database, now when I go to print, the pasted form prints fine but every Filemaker Field prints in like space alien language..... Any suggestions ::?:?
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