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  1. I have four attachments of type .hexout, .jic, .txt, .pdf. All are loaded without error by looping through an EmailAttachFile step however EmailSend fails. My question: "Is there an issue with certain types of attachment that will affect EmailSend?"
  2. I have developed a booking system for short term hire items with a gantt type display showing the days that an individual booking covers. I am unsure of how to move to the next stage which would show more than one booking on the gannt chart which normally shows one month ahead. For the current booking I use a let statement to load a repeating field. Conditional formatting provides the colour bars for the gannt chart. Let([ current_date = Extend( gantt_Start_Book ) + Get ( CalculationRepetitionNumber ) ]; If(current_date < Extend( Book_From ) + 1 ; "Av" ; If( current_date ≥ Extend( Book_From ) + 1 and current_date ≤ Extend( Book_To ) + 1 ; Left( Extend( Book_Category ) ; 2 ) ; If(current_date > Extend( Book_To ) + 1 ; "Av" ; "" ) ) ) )
  3. Some times it the simple things that catch one out. In this case its the time which should be formatted 12:00:00 and 15:00:00 respectively. In this case a data entry issue.
  4. I am having trouble with field calculation in Filemaker 13. The result of the calculation is two letters with conditional formatting determining the bar colour on a gantt layout. This unstored field calculation was working as expected then suddenly ceased to generate the expected result. Let([ ~hourfm = If( IsEmpty(Book_Time_From ) ; 1 ; Hour( Book_Time_From ) - 7 ) ; //gantt starts at 1 meaning 0800 hours ~hourto = If( IsEmpty(Book_Time_To ) ; 12 ; Hour( Book_Time_To ) - 7 ) ; // gant finishes at 12 meaning 1900 hours ~category = If( IsEmpty( Book_Category ) ; "Re" ; Left( Book_Category ; 2 ) ); // if not set make a 'Request' ~current_date = xgantt_gd_Start_Cal_Thursday + 2 ; // uses Thusrsday as start of client week in gantt chart ~thishour = 5 // ie 1200 hours ]; Case( ~current_date > Book_To ; "" ; //ie booking is earlier than the period to be shown ~current_date < Book_From ; "" ; // ie booking begins later than the period to be shown ~current_date = Book_From and ~current_date = Book_To ; // a one day event within the period to be shown If( ~hourfm <= ~thishour and ~hourto >= ~thishour ; ~category ; "" ) ; ~current_date = Book_From ; // is this the start date If( ~hourfm <= ~thishour ; ~category ; "" ) ; ~current_date = Book_To ; // is this the end date If( ~hourto >= ~thishour ; ~category ; "" ) ; If( ~current_date > Book_From and ~current_date < Book_To ; //is this a between date ~category ; "" ) ) ) The relevant fields show: Book_Category = “Request” Book_From = 12/04/2014 Book_To = 12/04/2014 Book_Time_From = 1200:00:00 Book_Time_To = 1500:00:00 xgantt_Start_Cal_Thursday = 10/04/2014 Calculated Field shows: “"
  5. Our Filemaker Server 11 and SuperContainer installation has just been moved from Win Server 203 to Win Server 2008. After sorting out some file configurations due to changed location of files all seemed well when testing with step by step script process. However in the first free run a spinning beach ball appeared. Reverting to step by step script processing the following error was identified 'SuperContainer server returned an error code of 303' The testing process is running on OSX Lion with FMkr Pro 11 Advanced
  6. Web access to SuperContainer results in following: You are running SuperContainer version 2.852 Invalid or expired license! Enter another license key, or restart SuperContainer. SuperContainer will be in demo mode until a valid license code is entered. Enter your registration information below (for demo mode leave both fields blank). Activation code Registered to The license key is valid, but the registered to name was entered incorrectly. I have checked the registration document and can confirm that the Registered to name is the same. I have also followed the instruction in the post 'Clearing Registration Information' Where to now John Perth, Australia
  7. I have a layout with a conditional format background field with different colours depending upon future week for each record. This works well for any Account with Full Access privilege however Accounts with a lesser privilege do not have their records conditionally formatted. Suggestions for remedy please. John
  8. Thanks Ocean West, I have adapted the offering made in Archive.zip to meet my data format need including using the .cvs files generated by the barcode scanner. Viewing the various solutions from others has also helped my thinking re use of FM functions and external functions. Great learning.
  9. Thank you all for your suggestions. I will need time to work thru them and hopefully find a working solution. I can at this stage comment that quickly using the 360Scripmaster Plugin and function Confirm Existence of files gives the same not found message as in my method. However as said I need to work on each suggestion.
  10. I have on a regular basis to import .txt files generated by a Barcode scanner. The steps used are: 1: Import Folder to get the list of filenames and the path. 2: A looping script to work thru the file paths to Import File with fields appropriately assigned. Unfortunately this does not work as I get error 100 and message that "The "File xxxx" could not be found and is required to complete this operation" . A finder window then opens showing the list of files and a double click effects the importing. Why does this not occur from the script. FileImport.pdf
  11. Why does it affect one file differently from the other when both are loaded one after the other?
  12. I have a similar problem. I have two databases that I develop on the Mac under FM9 Adv then upload to a WIN server FM9. Both have the same Accounts and Privileges set. I have full access. One of the databases accepts my login as normal the other gives the message "Your access privileges do not allow you to perform this action" Note that prior to making some layout changes and re-uploading the database it worked correctly. Is there some hang over registration from the previous version impacting this? Really frustrating, annoying and now unable to access.
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