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  1. Ahh, you are exactly right. Is there any way top make it read each multi key as a single entry and sort it that way?
  2. Hey all, I seem to be having a bit of trouble with a report I'm generating from FileMaker. I am trying to make a subsummary report, but it does not display properly. It is based on the Supervisors::Name field. It repeats some values, and omits others, seemingly at random, based on if there are multiple supervisors listed. It is a multi-key field Attached are screenshots of the report and my database structure. Hopefully this is an easy fix, it's been driving me nuts for weeks...
  3. Hey, thanks, I'll try setting it up as a multi-key and let you know how it works. I could set them each as an individual key but the problem is that some of the SOPs are requirements for multiple groups, so I'd like to make each SOP 1 record as opposed to 4 or potentially more.
  4. Ok, I think something is getting lost in the translation, so let me try to reexplain myself, and I apologize for any confusion. Here are the tables I have: Table: USERS ------------ UID | GID ------------ 001 | MFG 002 | FAC 003 | MFG ------------ Table: REQUIREMENTS ---------------------------------- SOP | GID | FLAG ---------------------------------- 5001-MF0 | MFG JIT FAC | CORE 5002-QA0 | QA QC MFG | CORE 5003-MF0 | MFG JIT FAC QA | CORE Table: MAIN --------------------- UID | SOP --------------------- 001 | 5001-MF0 Table: SOP -------------------- SOP | Title -------------------- 5001-MF0 | My SOP Title and their current relationships: MAIN.UID=USER.UID MAIN.SOP=SOP.SOP USER.GID=REQUIREMENTS.GID Basically what I want to do is show if an SOP is a core requirement based on group. IE: on the MAIN table, 5001-MF0 would be a core document for USERS.UID 01 since MFG=MFG. Can anyone help me with this? Thank you so much in advance, and again, sorry if there is any confusion.
  5. Hey, what's up? Thanks for the advice, but I'm not sure that it's applicable to my situation. How do I specify the wildcard character in my related tables? it's set so the relationship is User.GID = Requirement.GID
  6. Hey all, I'm using FM Pro 8.5 on WinXP. I'm making a training documentation database, and I've been having a bit of difficulty figuring out how to accomplish what I want. I have a database of users, documents and requirements. Users are assigned a GID (group ID) based on their department, the requirements database has 2 columns, GID and SOP (document). Each line is broken down like this: GID has a list of group IDs that have a certain document seperated by 2 colons as a requirement: Ex: MFG::FAC::IT The SOP field has the document number in question. My main question is how do I get FM to search for only partial selections in the GID (If user ID is FAC and the requirements GID string is MFG::FAC::IT it will still return true. Any help that can be given would be most appreciated. If I"m not being clear enough in what I'm asking please let me know as well, so I can attempt to better explain it. Thanks!
  7. I want to have a summary field, called total_stock that shows a summary of all occourances of a part number in a database. Unfortunately, what it does right now is show totals for ALL part numbers in the group of found records. basically, if I search by part number it works perfectly, but if I search by some other criteria, say, a PO, it'll display the total of all units in that search.
  8. Hi, I have a database that has a list of names in it, let's say the field is called NAME. I want to export each persons information into a seperate file using their name in the filename, for instance if NAME="Jane Doe" I want the filename to be Record.Jane Doe.csv. Is this possible? I'm somewhat new to filemaker and am stil getting used to the scripting features.
  9. Hi, I'm relatively new to filemaker, so please bear with me if this is a stupid question. I've searched extensively online for Filemaker tutorials and have come up with next to nothing. Anyhow, I have a database of part numbers. they are either 30-xxxx or 90-xxxx. In my layout I have the fields displayed with a box behind them. Is it possible to make it so that if a 30-xxxx part is entered, the box turns green, and if a 90-xxxx part is entered the box turns blue? Any help would be greatly appriciated
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