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  1. Yes, I've looked them over and it does not look fun! Filemaker with the server should have this built in! Apples Open directory is not something I want to move to at this time and place, I don't have the time. It would be much easer for me to enter the users. Thanks for the info....Maybe when I get some free time I can try and start an open direcotry with Leporad, that is when I have free time. Devin
  2. Gee wiz this is more then I need! All I want is a single location to control users so that I don't need to enter them so many times. This stuff is not top seceret all I need to gaurd against is the users that can delete and add. Devin
  3. The other thing is. Is I've set up privs using filemaker per database. I've got someusers when they open up the database the login pops up. I've got others users that when they do the same thing it opens up as guest with no pop-up. They need to hold down the option key so that they can log in.
  4. I find the filemaker interface hard to control and lacking. maybe it's because it's so new for me. But I don't want to add security to every filemaker database. I would like it for it to be in one place. I want something just like unix permissions. Owner/Group/readonly. Devin
  5. can some please point me to ways of controlling login and privs. What I'm wanting is a filemaker document that user will open from their computer, allow the user to enter their name and password, this would then be checked against a database on the server. Once they have logged on then can choose what database they want to see. Some users will have full privs to all while some users will have full privs on some and read-only on others. I'm looking for both samples and good reading material! Thanks Devin
  6. Yes Time stamp is very nice, I started out using time stamp then I went to Date and Time thinking it would be easer for the users and I would have more control.... Thanks for your help guys and girls :
  7. Yes The time stamp was the key. I made a new field for time stamp and I was able to make a simple script. Get ( CurrentDate ) -1 & " 5:00 AM" & "..." & Get ( CurrentDate ) +1 & " 4:59 AM" Thanks for the help. Devin
  8. That does not find the jobs that have todays date! It needs to finds today also uptill 4:59am. Devin
  9. I need to right a script that will find our records by a set date and timie. A day for us is considered 5am today untill 4:59am the next day. I've got two fileds that auto enter the date and one for time. How can I tell in my search to find the records that belong to that day. It's the time part that's getting me. I'm now thinking that I should have a time stamp field, would this help. Thanks Devin
  10. I'm needing a way to see if I've gone over the limit on devloper. I've got these fileds right now. ================================================ gplate_maxsqft (Gobal filed, this # is the # that tells me when we need to change the devloper) PlateCount.tb (table =============== Plate_Date (When it was plated) Plate_count_sq (Total sq used) Logs.tb (table) =============== History_Date (Date) History_Devloperchange (Yes or No option) ================================================ So what I need is a way to get the Total sq used since the last time the History_Devloperchange says yes. I think once I've got that # I can then use it to check it to the gplate_maxsqft and see if I'm in range. I would like to give a % left or over but that's for later issue. Thanks Devin
  11. Great that is better! Thanks Devin
  12. Well I got something to work with a test calculation using if, but I've got 8 more plate types to add. But I don't think this is a good solution since later we could add more plates and that would require a change to the calc. Devin
  13. I've need some direction! I need to find the sq footage used. I've got three fields. Plate_type(Value List) and Plate_Count (number filed) Total_sqft (calulation) The Value list is popup list that allows the users to select the plate used. each plate type has a known sqft. but I need away to instert into the calculation the sqft # for the used plate type. 237=7 840=8 If Plate_type was 237 the calc would be. 7xPlate_count if the Plate_type was 840 8xPlate_count Thanks Devin
  14. Dam that was easy! I was looking all over! Thanks Devin
  15. I need to change the fields so that Only the first letter of every word is in Caps. Right now its all over the place. Some records are all lowercase, some are all uppercase, and some are mixed. Thanks Devin
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