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  1. Has anyone had any luck using the "Send DDE Execute" script step to place text into a Microsoft Word document? I've been able to get Microsoft Word to open and create a new document and have the entire contents of a field placed into the document. The issue is that sometimes the script will fail with no changes whatsoever to anything in the FileMaker field. Microsoft Visual Basic will open a debugging window when the script fails. It appears that on occasion an underscore is being added to the inserted text which is causing the DDE to crash. (The underscore is added without quotes.) It looks to me look a bug with FileMaker. I’m currently using FileMaker Pro Advanced 8.0v3. Thanks, Andrew
  2. I'm trying to pull some values from a FileMaker database using XSLT and retain the field formatting. I want all of the html tags to show up and format when the page is rendered in the browser. The problem is that the tags just show up on the page (they don't format anything.) I tried fmxslt:url_decode(), but this didn't help. Does anyone know of a way to have html tags that are saved in a database field actually apply the formatting when the page is loaded on the web?
  3. Thanks John, I didn't think there was a way to do it, was just hopeful. --Andrew
  4. Does anyone know where returned emails go with FM7SA? Is there an error generated or anything when an email cannot be successfully delievered? Thanks.
  5. Does anyone know of a way to "force" a XSLT stylesheet to update any changes you've made to it? This is for a FM7SA that is in production mode with stylesheet caching turned on. I've noticed that sometimes stylesheets won't show updated changes you've made for several hours. Also, it'd be preferable to not have to restrat the CWPE for these stylesheets to update. Thanks!
  6. Yes, it sounds like that would do the trick for me. I think I will just look into upgrading to 8 ASAP. Thanks!
  7. I'm having a little difficulty trying to get something to work here. What I want to do is to perform a Find on a certain table and then switch to a different related table, and constrain that found set of records further. The problem is that when I switch to the other table, it shows all records, and not just the ones in my found set from the first table. Does anyone know of a quick and easy way to switch layouts to a new table and only view the records in your current found set? Thanks!
  8. I was looking at some of the log files the other day for FM7SA. All seems ok except the "web_server_module_log.txt." Throughout this file there are several (thousands) of entries such as: [Thu Feb 24 13:45:56 2005] [jk_ajp_common.c (681)] ERROR: can't receive the response message from tomcat, network problems or tomcat is down. [Thu Feb 24 13:45:56 2005] [jk_ajp_common.c (1050)] Error reading reply from tomcat. Tomcat is down or network problems. [Thu Feb 24 13:45:56 2005] [jk_ajp_common.c (1187)]: ERROR: Receiving from tomcat failed, recoverable operation. err=0 or: [Tue Mar 15 10:59:36 2005] [jk_ajp_common.c (1198)]: Error connecting to tomcat. Tomcat is probably not started or is listenning on the wrong port. Failed errno = 61 [Tue Mar 15 10:59:36 2005] [jk_isapi_plugin.c (928)]: HttpExtensionProc error, service() failed Does anyone know what may be causing these errors, and if it's something I should be worried about?
  9. rindin

    xsl editor

    I would also recomend XML Spy. Sweet dev program!
  10. Yes I used a -lop=or for this as well in the find query. The way this database is setup is to have a unique session_id for each session, so I haven't run into the 2nd issue you mentioned yet, but it could possibly be an issue when sessions had the same id.
  11. I was able to get this working actually. What I did was to load a page that lists all of the possible sessions a person can sign up for in a related set through a portal. It also loads a checkbox that has the name of the checkbox the same as the field name, and the value equal to the session_id. This page then performs a fine and goes to another page. This page loops once for each record in the found set, and performs an XML request to add each record. There's also a token that's used to hold the user_id to add each record. Seems to work great!
  12. Martin, what you’ve listed is pretty much what I want to do. The only thing is that I want to be able to create more than 1 record, depending on which sessions the user clicks on. (A new record should be created with the user_id and session_id in a sepereate table for each session that the user checks on.) Any ideas on the best way to do this?
  13. Does anyone know of a way to call a XSL template from clicking a form button? Also, is there a way to determine if a form checkbox is checked using XSL:If Test? What I'm trying to do is to have a template with a loop in it that will run for each record in the found set. It will also add a record to the DB if a certain box in a form is checked on the page using something like: I need the $hawkid variable to be based off a text field in the form as well. Anyone know how to do this? In theory this should all work fine, the problem is just being able to incorporate the form elements into this. I've also attached the XSL file I'm working with so you can get a better idea of what I'm trying to do here if you like. Thanks! Andrew Rinner Academic Technologies University of Iowa formsubmit.zip
  14. I tried the things that you mentioned, and nothing seems to give a significat increase in the speed of the sort. I even created a new stored calculation field that was the first 3 characters of the title field, and sorted on that. This still took the same amount of time. One thing that I have noticed though is that the first sort that you do after opening the file, always takes the same amount of time no matter which field is sorted on. Then each sort following this first one occurs almost instantly. It seems like the solution is building some kind of a "sort index" when the first sort is performed. Another reason I'm pretty sure this is true is due to the fact that removing some of the larger fields from the database also speeds up sorts, even though they aren't specified in the sort. Any ideas on how to force the solution to strictly sort on the specified field?
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