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  1. Is there more info that I can provide that can help figure this out? Thanks Kim
  2. I have a db that works great on WinXP, my creative team, all running Mac OSX, is having a hard time with some value list pop up lists - it is set up so that in field one, a job number is chosen via a pop up value list, then the 2nd field is populated with the corresponding job name (also a value list). On the PC, no issues, on the Mac, the job number part works fine, but it won't populate the 2nd field, unless the user clicks off of that field, clicks on one some other fielde, then clicks back to the job name field, then it fills the name in. Any one have any thoguhts on this? Thanks...Kim!!
  3. Ok..I have given up, I can't ma,e it work..I actually thought I totally messed up my back up file..but realized I have a mac pc format compatibility issue...I am going to post my file...maybe someone can take a look - and I found out that the file I have been working with is an editied version of Creative Pro JobTracker... Anyway, on a PC, when I chose a job number on the timesheet table the job name is automatically placed in the 2nd field..on the mac, when I do that same thing, it stays blank, or eventually will fill in, but not in the correct manner... Oh and just log in as guest..and you will have full access.. ...and I thought this was going to be easy....ugh.... VPDJobs1.fp7.zip
  4. OK, I feel like a dunce....thanks for a stupid question...I didn't even think about that.... Thanks!!
  5. I am not sure I did this right, but it didn't work... I think I need something a bit simpler....Thank you for trying to help...
  6. I am building a DB on Win XP - my computer got a virus/spyware, so I moved it to my Mac iBook also running FM7, but now can not edit the layout... Any suggestions? thanks Kim
  7. Next, set the JobNumber field in Timesheets to be an auto-enter calculation, with 'do not replace existing value' deselected, of RightWords( JobDescription; 1 ) and set JobDescription to be an auto-enter calc, with 'do not replace existing value' deselected, of Let( R = RightWords( JobDescription; 1 ); If( GetAsNumber® = R; Left( JobDescription; Position( JobDescription; " - "; 0; PatternCount( JobDescription; " - " ) ) - 1 ); JobDescription ) ) You lost me here...where do I do this step? Thanks. Kim
  8. I have one more question about my value lists... As of now, in my timesheet table, the first field is the job number, and by chosing one from the pop up list, the 2nd fieled is filled in with the appropriate job description for that job number...I would like to reverse this, and let the user choose a job description, then it would auto fill in the appropriate job number...I have dug and dug but can't quite seem to find out how. Any help is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks. Kim
  9. LaRetta, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I just followed your instructions, and it works like a champ. Thank you so much, this is going to make my life so much easier. Kim
  10. I did read the note, but am such a novice at Filemaker, I just simply didn't understand the instructions...I havn't tried LaRetta's solution yet, as my DB is a work, but from reading it, it is what I need..simple step by step instructions. I appreciate both of your feedbacks on this (for me complex) issue. Thank you both!! Kim
  11. This sounds like exactly what I am trying to do...... I will be the one determining when a job is complete and basically I currently have a field set up that says Complete and I have been either just entereing yes or no, but that entery currently doesn't have any effect on the relationship between jobs and the time sheet field. I could easily make that an Active Job Numbers field..but then I would just need instructions on how to toggle in on or off in the time sheet relationship. thank you...You made my day but letting me know there is a way to do this!!
  12. Thanks..but unfortunatly I don't quite understand.... Thank you though...
  13. I have an esixting database that I am working with trying tomake some changes to. I have a table called "time sheets" that has a value list pop up menu, populated by a relationship to a "jobs table" job number field. Where each employee can choose a job number to track their time against. What I want to do is, once a job is complete, keep the record, but remove the job number from the pop up menu, so that there are not so many for each employee to have to scroll through to find the correct one. Is there a way to do this without having to remove the record from the database? Thanks.. Kim
  14. I hat to be such a newbie, but I dont quite nknow what you are saying. I have a value list for my job numbers on the time sheet table...it is populated by it's relashionship is with the Job number field on the Jobs table...I am just not sure what you mean by "relationship sould use a constatn say a global "1"? Also as an FYI, I didn't build this database, I am just altering it, so forgive my ignorance. Kim
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