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  1. I have about a dozen FIleMaker databases that contain consumer requests. Once a day I go into to each and run a script that sends an email to the new entries (e.g., using SMTPit). This is very time consuming so my plan was to create a FM file that is opened once a day by Windows Server that when opened would open each of these dozen files and run the appropriate email script. The challenge is that these dozen files are all password-protected and I don't want to be promped for the password each time this master script runs. So two questions: 1. Is there a way to pass a user name and password to the Open File script step and/or 2. Am I going about this in entirely the wrong way and missing some other best practice for this kind of problem? Many thanks!
  2. That is great to hear as I always felt like my way is archaic. Do you know of any posts that discuss how to do this with a variable or even a global in FM8? Many thanks.
  3. I have been using FileMaker Pro since the days when one had to use multiple files to create related records. Back then to create a related record I would copy the unique ID of the parent record, go to the other file ("child file"), create a new record, paste the copied unique ID into the appropriate field in the child file, and voila they would be related. I continue to use this method in FM8 but with tables instead of files now and it seems to work pretty well. However, rather often the paste step of my script that pastes the unique ID does not work and my "foreign key" field in the related table is left blank. So my questions for those far more intelligent than me are: 1. Is this the optimum way to create a related record in FM8 and 2. If so, is this a common problem. Many thanks to a great forum.
  4. I have a two table FMP database (I will over simplify for efficiency's sake). The main table is a customer table with Name and Custom ID and the related table is a purchases table with date of purchase and the single item purchased. I would like to create a report that lists each customer and then on the same row the products the customer purchased. For example, if customer John Smith purchased products A, B, and C I would like John Smith's row in the report to reflect A, B, and C on the same line as the customer's name, not via three lines for John Smith with one each having A, B, and C. Does my question make sense? Hope so. Any suggestions would be great.
  5. We have a cross platform FM7 deployment that runs on Server7. An important part of of our business process requires that we attach a PDF of a scanned document to a record and to date I have done this using Insert File and stored it as a reference. The challenge is that when I do this on a Windows client I can't open the referenced link on the Mac and vice versa and opening this document when one of our customers call is very important. I would like to avoid storing the actual file in the database if possible. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Many thanks.
  6. I am trying to come up with a method/approach to solve the following and would welcome any suggestions! I have a table that stores all of the dealers that I distribute products to. To get lower pricing dealers can put certain products on their display floor in their retail store. I track what they have on the floor in a related table that I show in a portal on the dealer layout. My question is that I want to run a report or have a screen that shows which dealers are meeting my dealer display requirements and I am not sure how to calc this. For example, a dealer may need to have three of one category of item to get special pricing and I need to have some logic to check the related table to see if they have three of this category on display and then report yes or no for whether they meet the display requirement for that category. Thanks.
  7. Does anyone know if Filemaker 7 is compatible with the new 64 bit Windows operating system? I am getting a new PC for some video editing and would like the 64-bit version but not if Filemaker won't run on it. Thanks.
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