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  1. Hello there. I have attached the file. The lookup fields don't work because the required file is not present. I don't think you will need it though. You can look at the file and see if there is a solution. Thanks.
  2. Unfortunately, I can't have them have a value of "yes" or something because they are part of a lookup. They are specifically named so other fields near them display certain information from another database when the checkboxes are checked. The form is basically so attendees to a trade show can register themselves and then print a reciet for them and us.
  3. Hello. I am new at filemaker so some of this stuff sounds more complex than it probably is. So in the second document, I create new fields that are similar to the ones in the main document? Then I do a find in the main document? But how do I make that find only display the checked records? Maybe I am missing something. Thanks
  4. Hello there. I am not using Filemaker 5. I need to update my profile. I am using Filemaker 3 for this registration.
  5. No, I am not using Filemaker 5. I need to change my profile. I am using Filemaker 3 for this registration.
  6. I want to do an Instant Web Publishing, but I want mainly the table view to be seen. How can I add buttons to the table view? I can add them to the form view but not table view. I am hiding the status bar because I don't want people messing with it. I want to add a button to enter find mode and then to actually do the find. Thanks
  7. Hello. When I create the find script, I want it to automatically find the checked and filled in text boxes. I don't want the user to have to manually input anything. I am not quite sure how to create the find script to find the checked and filled in stuff. Thanks
  8. Is a printout request a script thing? Thanks
  9. Hello there. I have a database with checkboxes in different layouts. Its a kiosk registration form. I want the final page of the layout display on the checkbox forms that they checked. Its a summary of their purchase and so they can print out a confirmation. I can copy all the fields to that final layout, but it ends up being very long. I don't want to waste paper if they only checked one field and it prints out all of the checkboxes on 3+ pages. Thanks
  10. Hello there. Is there a way to change what the checkboxes say next to them in Browse mode? I define the list values, but I want it to display something slightly different. I am making a registration form that people can sit down at and register themselves at a trade show. Thanks
  11. Hello there. I am using Filemaker 6 Unlimited at the momment. How do I add a Close Window button in Instant Web Publishing? I have a registration form that has a sumbit button that when they click it, it submits and opens a window saying thank you. I want a button on that page that if they click it will close their browser window. Thanks.
  12. Hello there. I am a novice when it comes to Filemaker and the web. I have Filemaker 7. I will try to explain what I want to do and if it is possible. I want to make and online form for registration for a trade show, and when they submit the form it gets directly put in the Registration database. So basically its a filemaker form in the web browser that submits to the database on the server. Is this possible with Filemaker Pro 7 or do I need the Server version. The actual file will not be hosted by us, but by another companies server that runs Filemaker server and we just pull the file off their server to our computer. Thanks
  13. Is it true that Filemaker 7 doesn't support the scroll wheel on the mouse? I need a way to scroll through those big data fields that have a scroll bar on the side. I can't even see the contents scroll by when I hold and drag the scroll bar. Has anyone found a way to fix this?
  14. Hello there. Can I edit files over the network with Filemaker 6 if those files were created in FIlemaker 3? Also, do I need Filemaker 5 installed to upgrade to 6, or do I just need the code? Thanks
  15. Any way I can get a form submission service that I can pull the submited forms off the server and import them into FM?
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