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  1. Thanks Soren. Really appreciate you taking the time. I'm not to worried about the clipboard issue because the program is for my benifit and I will be the only one using it but I'll keep that in mind if I try to make it multi-user. Thanks for teaching me a new trick.
  2. Hi everyone, First, not to new to FM but still not exactly an expert. I am trying to create a purchasing database. Our business is unique in that most services are hard to classify in terms of categories. I feel the best way to classify Vendors is by having a notes field that I can type certain industry terms in, then do a *_field search(i've attached a copy of my file). I originally wanted to just relate the g_productSearch and start typing and have vendor's start listing through portal. Couldn't figure out how to make it work so created script to do search. How can I list the found set in the portal? I know I could do a "report" but I may not want to use every vendor that is found. Any suggestions or links to other posts would be great. Thanks again. Purchasing.zip
  3. Thanks David, I'm going to try some of those techniques. Sounds easy enough. Will repost with any new questions.
  4. Hello everyone, Is there a way to run a script by closing the active window with the "x" box on top right of window? I created a button to Validate my record but I don't want people to be able to just hit the "x" and not run the script. Also, does any one have an example or link on how to auto create a record with a serial number, but if record is not "saved", delete that record and reset the serial pattern. My serial numbers get turned into a alpha code that represents an important inventory marker for us. Thanks in advance to any help.
  5. thanks sbg2. That is exactly what I needed. I'm going to work on it and see if I can get it to work how I want it to. I am planning on making an auto-enter serial number eventually but I don't want every letter in the alphabet (V looks alot like U, etc.). I was thinking of choosing only very distinct letters. I'll let you know how it works out or if I have more questions. Thanks again.
  6. Hey all, I don't know if this is the right section, so please move if incorrect. I'm also not really sure how best to describe this so bear with me. I work for a custom steel manufacturer. We need to track our plate inventory very acurately for code work. We have a system in place that uses a 3 character string of the alphabet. Example "AAA". This is marked on the plate and then to our job cards so we know what plate/grade of material was used. When we buy the plate, the mill that produced it will include paperwork that verifies chemical and physical specifications. We use "AAA" to quickly find paperwork related to the plate. The system works well and has been used for about 15 years, so everyone understands it very well. We have just started using "Z**" and so our system needs to change slightly. I have suggested to start tracking these items on the computer so we can have a searchable, more up to date inventory system. I'm having some problems developing an automated entry for this alpha code of ours. What I'm thinking is I will have a field that auto enters a 4 digit number and then 4 fields that will reference a table. 0=A, 1=B, etc. I'll try to set up an example: Auto calc Field = 0001 Field1 = find -*** Field2 = find *-** Field3 = find **-* Field4 = find ***- Our Code = "AAAB" I've done some searching here but havn't found anything. Any and all suggestions or previous posts would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks to both of you. I knew there must be a way. For now the ctrl+arrows will suffice.
  8. Hello everyone, Is it possible to "turn" pages in previw mode without the Status Area visable? I'm trying to eliminate the Status Area, because more people are using the database, but am loosing some navigation ease. I can script the Show/Hide Status Area but wondered if there is another way.
  9. raybaudi, That is it exactly. I had tried this a while ago but never got it right. Just needed to be more patient and line it up properly I guess. Needs to be in line just perfect to have line extend through. Thanks to everyone.
  10. Hi Loretta, I tried some of your suggestions but can't get it. I've posted my file and maybe you can figure out something? Thanks again.
  11. Does anyone know how I can get this effect(highlighted on "invoice")? The Invoice Pic is just some generic pic found on the web. The Preveiew is what my form looks like. I have the description field set to slide as needed and works quite well I just think the seperators make it look more professional. The description can be 1 to 20 or more lines of text. My company makes unique parts and each requires a little different wording. Sometimes there is only 1 line item, sometimes as many as 20. Would like the form to have line seperator to always fit full page dimensions. I could not find any other post like this so I hope someone can help. Thanks in advance Invoice_Pic.pdf Preview.pdf
  12. OK. I am so stupid. I needed a "self join". I'm sorry, I just never referred to them as Table Occurances. Not only did I get it to work. I understood what I did and even learned that when I make a new TO I can name it something easier than "table name" "2" or "3." I hate and love this program. Thanks again Ender and jteich.
  13. Sorry this is so late of response. I've been trying to figure this out on my own and I am still confused. I'm still not really understanding what is needed. I want to make sure I understand the concept and not just get it to simply work. I guess I don't really understand what a "Table occurance" is? I thought it is the relationship from one table to another? So when I set Inventory::S_Type = LookupDimension::S_Type Inventoyr::S_Dimensions = LookupDimenstion::S_Dimension I do get the correct weight, but dimension VL doesn't work conditionally anymore. Also, what would TO "LookupbyType_Dimension" be? Is this a new field in one(orboth) tables? Does data go in it? I don't exactly want someone to just solve my problem, but if you could put up a quick referece file, or if there is an example in another post I could reference that would be really helpful. I've looked pretty hard and didn't find anything that helped. Thanks for your help and patience.
  14. I'm sorry, I'm still confused? Now how do I make my VL conditional? It is only listing one record? Darn, I though I understood this better.
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