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  1. I've got a database with job descriptions for our agency. The database needs to hold all the job description data and generate evaluation and training reports. Simple enough, I figured. I created text fields for the appropriate areas, filled them and created reports that display this data. I've come across some limitations however from this approach and realize I may need to create more complex relationships. The main issue lies with the duties for each job description which vary in number and the responsibilities of each. So say a person 1) Manages staff, 2) Completes monitoring reports, and 3) Watches YouTube when nobody is around. Underneath these duties would be methods by which the duty is performed. Main Goal: I'd like to be able to add duties, and then methods by how they are performed one at a time with a button/icon of some sort, and have it number/letter them or add bullets as I wish. Secondary Goal: With the main goal completed, I'd like to add two (or one) corresponding fields that relate to the duty being completed either satisfactorily, or unsatisfactorily (for the eval report). Having trouble attaching the file. So I'll see what turns up before I do that. Thanks!
  2. How would this work for records that have already been created? I created a field that captures login info, but previously entered records don't display who created the record. Hence a user logging in won't see anything they did in the past. Ideas?
  3. Figured it out. No need to reply.
  4. An easy one, I'm sure: Mac OS X I made a new layout as a columnar/list report through the assistant. It's all set up, shows up fine in preview as 5 page document however when I go to print preview (pdf version) it only shows the first page. Printing without going to a pdf viewer results in the first page printing. No matter which page I print from I only get the first page to print. Any ideas? Thanks.
  5. I read about this technique in another thread, however for what I want this isn't applicable. The indents of the field would carry across multiple layouts for which the field is being used, in effect screwing up other layouts. Lines actually do slide, just not when overlayed on top of a field. They do not, however, resize which is I think what I'm going for. It may be that I'll have to suggest another format for those who want to use the database. Thank you for your ideas, let me know if I'm off the mark.
  6. I have a text field that is used across multiple layouts which needs to have lines parallel to the text. The records have varying page numbers so a line of exact length will not do. The text field can't be expanded with the use of margins due to it affecting other layouts (an idea from another thread). Someome mentioned merging the line with the field for sliding, but I read that this can't be done. Any ideas how I could have my parallel lines ?
  7. It was a preview mode error. Print preview shows them breaking correctly. Thank you for the advice though!
  8. Help, My fields span multiple pages and on *some* of the records on *some* of the pages I receive clipped text. For example I have a job description with 1, 2, and 3 duties listed. If the 2nd duty spans across the two pages it may show up on one page, or it may disappear. The 3rd duty, however, continues on, along with the rest of the field onto the next page. Simple one I'm sure. Thanks in advance.
  9. Fixed the problem of the disappearing text boxes. On to the next one: fields missing parts as they break across pages. I'm sure this one is solved somewhere on this site, so I'll look around unless someone is giving out hints.
  10. I have the same problem. Our IS guys haven't been able to solve it either. At first I was unable to see multiple text boxes for their corresponding fields, but after deleting and entering the fields repeatedly I've narrowed it down to 1 text box not showing up on the 2nd page. If I move the text box to the first page it shows up and slides appropriately, however not on the second page. Under preview there is even a gap where the text box should be, making me believe it's sliding, just not showing up. Any ideas? FMP7.01, OSX - Tiger. Let's see: Text boxes and fields are all aligned to left. Sliding/Printing ON (all of them have been checked for "non printing" issues).
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