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  1. hello I have a db with a large list of mutiple choice questions for school, i have another field on a seperate layout that shows the answers. when you complete the test is sends you to a layout showing your answers and the actual answers. is there anyway to auto correct then answers and display if it's wrong or right in another field. I was thinking this had something to do with the case fuction Thanx in advance
  2. How silly of me, i was looking at an old fm 6 book. lol
  3. Hello all I' not sure if this is the right place to post this topic, but anywho. My status functions are not working. I'm using filemaker 7
  4. Trying adding the missing records to your database and simply sort the records
  5. hello all, the title says it all. Is there anyway to disable the use of a button by using a script. thx
  6. hello the title speaks for itself: Is there a script or calculation that can display random images from cantainer fields from another table or file? Thanxs
  7. Hello Is there any way to show a specific set of records in a portal with a script or calculation. For example if today is Jan. 15, I would like to see how many orders are specified for Jan. 15. Thanxs for any suggestions
  8. It's simple; create a button with a script: Go to related/record()
  9. If every record has a date, why dont you just search a date 30 days ago?
  10. I've been working with filemaker for about 6 months now and i realized something. you dont need fancy pictures to make a database look nice. as long as it works you should be happy. In my opinion i believe limited amount of pictures is optimal. with my database i get 30-40 customers a day, using images takes up space and eventually slows the whole database. If you use a relationship to link your images from one database to another, it will give you the same result. you might as well put the image in your layout. If you have a 32kb file and import it into filemaker and make it smaller, the image still stays at 32kb. Unless your creating a photography database it makes no sence to use too many pictures.
  11. Okay I took a deeper look into your database, quite a large one. I noticed that you are missing two things in your database that could prove useful, portals and tables. You have none in the example you provided. Do you know how to use portals and tables? In SAFcust>CM Contact Manager, there is a red box, everytime you put info in the box it appears in billing1>january2005, in the first column. But because you don't have any tables it creates a new record for every layout you have in billing1, and i'm not sure you want that. 165454-MonthAdvopt.zip
  12. First of all your missing files. In order for "Monthadvopt" to work properly you were missing a file called "SAFAOrd" And another file called "Billing2" And for some of your scripts "billing11" was needed, which also wasn't there. I think your main problem is these missing files. If you have them attach them. I'll look through your db some more after i get back from work.
  13. There is no way to do it natively with Filemaker. If you start typing and hit tab that is the equvilent of clicking outside the portal. If you really want or really need it to narrow down the list this technique is called "AutoFilter" I found a good template that shows AutoFilter below, Unfortunately it's not free, and it requires a plug-in, which is also not free. http://www.nightwing.com.au/FileMaker/index.htm
  14. You need to specify exactly what is wrong and how it should work. And you need to explain what your database is about. I looked at your db and i'm having a hard time determing what should work and how.
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