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  1. in imports the script could be increment on record 1 if company id is equal to previous record copy the increment value from previous record. elseif next record has a different company id then increment by 1. in a loop evaluate all records. can any one help with this? thanks
  2. i need to import records from one file (A) to another empty file (:. The file A contains compant records with orders. what i need to do is to have conditional increment whereby the increment occures only if the company number is different. all records for company id ? will have the same record id incremented. i need the increment to be done only if the company id is different on imports. can any help with this? thanks
  3. let me try again. i need to add records automatically in portal to all clients via lookup. the script has to selct every record in the lookup, insert a new record for each related lookup. the second field in the same line is a quantity and the value is a calculated value which is also entered automatically for each line (set by calculation). i need an automted system where the quantity of one product is allocated to all clients at once. its like an invoicing system only i make the decision for all clients/warehouses at the same time at once automatically.
  4. i hope someone can help with this. third posting. how to add records in portal using lookup. that is, selecting every record in lookup. i have two fields in the portal the first is a lookup to a client database, the second is quantity which is a calculated value. i simply want to have one script which will add all records from lookup and insert the calculated value in quantity. thanks in advance. ron
  5. ok but i still need the script for going to the first lookup field and then the second and third until all in the lookup were in. the second line is a calculated result for quantity (which I determined) thanks
  6. yes! i really hope so. i have three files and everything is set up and working properly if i was to do it manually for each client. but i need it automated. i want to select in portal the first lookup record and insert a calculated value for quantity. i'm stuck at the script or loop in the lookup value.
  7. Here it is. its unusual maybe. The idea is that i produce purchase orders for all my clients at once every time i get inventory and that is unusual. every week i distribute product from inventory; in portal i have 2 fields 1. lookup field to all the clients and 2. quantity for that client. the scrip must loop through the lookup field and automatically enter line one, field 1 client #1 (from the lookup), field 2 quantity... add line two client 2, product and so on... it seems simple but i cannot get it to work. thanks i hope someone can help with this.
  8. i understand that. but in this solution there are no users. i need a script that will enter information for every client automatically according to a criteria.
  9. can someone advise how? i need a script which will add new recorde in a portal. the first portal field has a lookup to another file (client list). i need the script to choose client 1, and then go to the second field where there will a calculated value for quantity... new record in portal,client 2, field two....
  10. i will try to clarify. customer 1 has to be selected in the lookup fiels and after the value in the second field is entered a new line comes up in the portal and custormer 2 will be selected ... the same with all customers. thanks
  11. i need help... i have a portal with with two fields 1. lookup customers and 2. quantities. i need to write a script which will enter a value into quantity but looping through the list of customers. any idea
  12. in warehouse i have let's say 1000 jars of jams. i wish to have a script which will automatically divide this quantity into the number of clients/subwarehouse (with certain criteria) and produce a purchase order for each client/subwarehouse. store1 gets 20 jars, store2 gets 20 jars... each month i get a list of items which i have to distribute to all locations (store1, 2,3.... the script should automate the process.
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