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  1. Could someone please advise me how I deal with this so I can allow users to log into the databases? How can I release the sessions? I have 3 separate databases running - one publishing to the web using iwp; one publishing via php and the other does not publish to the web. There is only one user logged in at present and that person is accessing the database which is not publishing to the web! Thanks in advance.
  2. I'm hoping someone might be able to help with a problem I'm having navigating the pages of a site and retaining the found records. For the purposes of sample code I've provided extracts from the findall page and the target details page which I have got working to a degree in that when the user clicks on the link to the details in the findall list only the record clicked on is retained as found. I will also need to achieve the same when a user completes an actual search as well. Thanks findall: <?php session_start(); require_once('include/inc.php'); $request = $senseDB->newFindAllCommand('List'); $request->setRange(GET('skip'), 15); $result = $request->execute(); $records = $result->getRecords(); $fetch = $result->getFetchCount(); $found = $result->getFoundSetCount(); $total = $result->getTableRecordCount(); $rows = ""; foreach ($records as $record) { $rows .= ' $rows .= ''.$record->getField('ID').''; $rows .= 'getRecordId('GetTheRecordID') . '">getField('Images::my_Picture')).'" style="width: 60px; height: 60px" />'; ...... details: <?php session_start(); require_once('include/inc.php'); $request = $fmDB->newFindCommand('Details'); $request->addFindCriterion('GetTheRecordID', '==' . GET('recid') ); $request->setRange(GET('skip'), 1); $result = $request->execute(); $records = $result->getRecords(); $record = $records[0]; $fetch = $result->getFetchCount(); $found = $result->getFoundSetCount(); $total = $result->getTableRecordCount(); .......
  3. The following replacement code for code given in the first section of code is that which resolved this issue: $pix = $record->getRelatedSet('ImageLib'); foreach ($pix as $pic) { $detail .= ' [*]getField('ImageLib::myPicture')).'" style="width: 80px; height: 80px" />'; }
  4. I am having some trouble displaying related images. The path information does not appear to be being passed as the images just display as a broken image icon in Firefox. The database server is running FMSA 9r3 and PHP v.5.2.4. In my details page I have the following code: $pix = $record->getRelatedSet('ImageLib'); foreach ($pix as $pic) { $detail .= ' [*]getField('ImageLib::myPicture')).'" style="width: 80px; height: 80px" />'; } The getimp.php which works in every other instance is: <?php session_start(); require_once('include/db.inc.php'); echo $dbConnection->getContainerData($_GET['path']); ?> ... and the images are displayed using the following html: <?php echo $detail; ?> I presume that $_GET['image'] is just a placeholder as is $_GET['recid']? Any help would be appreciated.
  5. I managed to sort this out in the end using a combination of FMP calculations and PHP scripts to place image equivalents of the checkboxes based on the checkbox values.
  6. I have a database containing item details that include a number of checkboxes which have either been 'checked' or not as required. I am creating a web interface using the FileMaker API for PHP and need to retrieve the checkbox information to display on the web details page. I am using the following code to try to retrieve the data: foreach ($records as $record) { $detail .= ' getField('dbaseFieldName') .'> Checkbox1'; I'm then displaying the data in the body of the page using: <?php echo $detail; ?> However, the checkbox displays as unchecked in all cases. Any assistance would be appreciated.
  7. Werner, Does it hang if you temporarily replace the initial .php page with a PHP info page? i.e. <?php phpinfo(); ?> This should display all the info about the installed version of PHP. If it doesn't hang and displays the PHP information correctly without hanging it is likely that there is some code in your initial .php file which is reliant on the old IP address and needs to be changed. Hope this helps. Dene
  8. Steven, Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately this is not a multi-machine configuration it is a stand-alone setup. I'm fast coming to the conclusion the only solution is to install the old version of PHP supplied with FMSA and that FMSA is not compatible with the later versions of PHP. Does anyone else have FMSA running on an Intel Mac Pro using a later version of PHP than that supplied by FileMaker? If so, how was PHP installed? Thanks again.
  9. I am wondering if anyone else has come across this problem. I've installed FMSA 9 having already had PHP 5.2.2 installed so set the installation to use the existing PHP installation. The PHP test.php page works fine when I open a web browser and type in: http://localhost/test.php However when I try to run the Test PHP Custom Web Publishing page all I get is a blank page. The path to the phptest.php appears to be correct otherwise I would get a 404 error: page not found. I have since updated to FMSA 9.0v2 which hasn't resolved the issue. Also I tried the Edit Server Deployment link which effectively reinstalls the web publishing engine which didn't work either. I would be grateful if anyone can point me in the right direction on this. Thanks in advance.
  10. Am I right in saying that the zippScript and doScript Plug-ins will only run under FM Pro or FM Pro Advanced and not FM Server or FM Server Advanced?
  11. It would appear that I was correct about my reasoning that the web browser popup blocker is preventing the Open URL script step from running. Thinking around the problem, if I remove the Open URL script step the Submit script should then run without error from a web browser. If I add another field to the Subscriber table - say SendMail - and add in a Set Field script step to populate the field with 'Y' immediately before lest script step of Submit, would the following work? A calculated field - say checkSendMail - that checks the content of the field SendMail and if it = Y then runs a script Notify which just contains the original Open URL script step which fires off the email. Any input would be welcome. Thanks again.
  12. I have set up a subscriber form which is accessed by externally using a web browser. Everything has been working fine up until recently when there have been subscriptions taking place without the corresponding subscriber welcome notices and admin notifications being delivered. After some little time tracking this down I have noticed that on Windows PC Users' machines the web browsers are invariably set to block popups - having done some tests myself today. This is causing the Submit script which consists of just the following 3 steps: Commit Records/Request [No dialog] Open URL [No dialog; "http://etc........."] Go to Layout ["scr_subSuccess" (Subscriber)] It would appear that the Open URL script step is causing the PC users' web browser popup blocking function to activate and stop the email notifications being sent! I wondered if anyone esle has experienced this issue and, if so, whether or not a solution has been found. Any help with this would be appreciated.
  13. I have created a custom iwp_home.html page which for the sake of this example includes: Login Register Cancel I am using a freely available javascript (see below) to pick up the name variable in the target html file, which in this case is iwp_auth.html. javascript: function getValue(varname) { // First, we load the URL into a variable var url = window.location.href; // Next, split the url by the ? var qparts = url.split("?"); // Check that there is a querystring, return "" if not if (qparts.length == 0) { return ""; } // Then find the querystring, everything after the ? var query = qparts[1]; // Split the query string into variables (separates by &s) var vars = query.split("&"); // Initialize the value with "" as default var value = ""; // Iterate through vars, checking each one for varname for (i=0;i { // Split the variable by =, which splits name and value var parts = vars[i].split("="); // Check if the correct variable if (parts[0] == varname) { // Load value into variable value = parts[1]; // End the loop break; } } // Convert escape code value = unescape(value); // Convert "+"s to " "s value.replace(/+/g," "); // Return the value return value; } I am linking to this from the head of the iwp_auth.html file using: Then in the body of the iwp_auth.html file I am trying to present the user with the correct form content using: This does not appear to be working because the 'name' variable does not appear to be picked up by the iwp_auth.html page. The problem I think is either to do with the format of the links with the variables in the iwp_home.html page, namely: "http:///fmi/iwp/cgi?-db=dBase.fp7&-loadframes"&name="login" or it is possibly due to the fact that the submitted path (including the attached variables) is being hidden from the iwp_auth.html page. I have tested the javascript and basic linking code along with the if statement in a plain html document that does not involve the iwp pages and all the code works fine. I'm hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction to resolve this problem. Thanks in advance for any assistance with this.
  14. (ampersand)nbsp; TESTING WORK ROOM Please fill in your username and password below in order to log into the Work Room LOGIN
  15. A belated thankyou for your reply xochi. I've also resorted to editing the master files - using TextWrangler. This works fine, thanks.
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