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  1. I have a project database with all objects that have to be worked on for the year. There are three main categories - each object will have one category assigned to it (residential, light commercial and commercial) and then each object has a status (unassigned, scheduled, field completed, submitted, billed). What would be the easiest way to get a quick 360 - how many total, how many of those are residential, light commercial, commercial, how many of each are in what status? So far, I can only think of tackling this with a script, but i would love to just have a window on my form that shows those numbers, since I have plenty of screen real estate.... there has to be an easier way ....no?
  2. I can make that hyperlink say whatever it needs to say - basically every mappoint can contain information like address, name, lat, long, etc. and one of the fields I have available is a hyperlink - normally you would use it to go to the website for that mappoint, i guess. I wanted to see if there is a way that i can use that hyperlink to jump to a certain record in FM - I know how to start FM from the hyperlink, but how do I get it to go to that record? In the 'good ole' days there were certain things you could pass on in the command line when starting an application (like word would start a certain document c:xxxword.exe test.doc)- does FM support that at all or something like it?
  3. no this solution is 100% local - a notebook computer with FM7 and DeLorme Street Atlas installed - no internet at all- the reason for a url is that the DeLorme mapping software only offers hyperlinks to 'communicate' with the outside world. Right now it is very basic - they use DeLorme to get to the customer, then they open FM and search for the customer, create a new report and fill it out. Should work fine in theory, but in reality, too often customer 7557 gets billed for work done for customer 7575..... Thanks for the other suggestions - I am sure once I have read them a couple hundred times, I will sort of understand what needs to be done : I am fairly new to all this....
  4. hmmmm day() rolls over every month and days() does not exist.... did i misunderstand something? thanks
  5. Very simple reason: ignorance..... Thanks for the help.
  6. No, not in layout mode - in browse mode. I have a field where the text according to the calculation should be RED. If I look at it in my layout it appears in BLACK. When I enter that field in browse mode, it turns RED (showing me that the underlying calculation seems to work). However, when I tab out of it, or click on another field, it turns black again. So I assume the formatting of layout overwrites my calculations. How can I remove the text color that the layout assigns to the field? I tried to add it as a new field to the layout, but even then it already has the color black assigned to it. I attached a sample - the white 55 should be green (and it is when you click into the fied), the -266 should be red (ditto) sample.zip
  7. sorry - did not post the calculation, since it seems to be working just fine. As I said, the field shows the correct color in the database, but not in the layout. E.g. When I am in my layout the text appears grey, when I click on the field to edit it, the text changes to red (which is the correct color based on the calculation). However, I want to always show the color based on the calculation, not the color that the layout assigns to the field. I am sort lookinf for something like in Word/Excel where i can select a text color DEFAULT. But just in case, here is the calculation: Case ( visits = 0 ; TextColor ( DayOfYear ( Get(CurrentDate) )-DayOfYear (Get(CurrentDate)-99 ); RGB (255;0;0)); number of visits per season=4 and DayOfYear ( Get(CurrentDate) )-DayOfYear ( last seen ) >60; TextColor ( DayOfYear ( Get(CurrentDate) )-DayOfYear ( last seen ); RGB (0;255;0)); TextColor ( DayOfYear ( Get(CurrentDate) )-DayOfYear ( last seen ); RGB (0;100;0 ) ) )
  8. I think i can handle finding the site once I have something in filemaker... it does not have to be DeLorme it can be any application surpporting hyperlinks... Lets just assume it is a regular HTML page (local not on the net) - Is there a way to specify in a hyperlink to go to/open Filemaker and point a specific record or run a specific script? Kind of like you have a hyperlink on a webpage and when you click on it, it opens google-earth and goes to a certain map tag.....
  9. I am not even sure if this is the right section of the forum.... using FM7 OK, here is my problem - we have a database with customers that are mapped in DeLorme, our drivers use GPS to get to them, upon arrival, they need to fill out a report which is in filemaker - now, one would think by looking at the customer number on the DeLorme map, and then searching for that number in FM7 they would enter their data into the correct customer record - well, seems like dislexia is well and kicking in our company.... the best way to eliminate the problem would be, if there was a way to use the hyperlink that DeLorme offers in a map-tag to jump to THAT customer in FM..... is that possible?
  10. OK - I have finally figured out how to assign different colors to a value (e.g. <60 red, 60 orange, >60 green) using a calculated field and a case statement .... however in my layout, the color gets overwritten by the color used for the field - when i click on the field it changes to the correct color, but when i just look at it - it does not..... how can i tell the layout to use the color assigned to the field??
  11. I overheard a couple of people talking about a SQL front end that closely resembled FM Pro - to a point, where even the scripts could be imported - unfortunately, I was not able to get the name..... anybody ever heard of it? Thx
  12. Isn't that what FM is all about? Wild workarounds?
  13. And how would I call this button from DeLorme? I want to be able to click on the Hyperlink in DeLorme to take me to the related record in Filemaker. Sorry, if I did not make that clear enough. Thanks
  14. I am developing a FM application, that works in combination with DeLorme Street Atlas, where the route for the drivers is exported to Delorme and he uses a GPS to visit all his stops. DeLorme supports hyperlinks for every mappoint (custom imported data field on the map) - it would be ideal if the driver could click on that hyperlink and that would bring him back to the matching record in the database, so he can look up information about his stop that he is about to make. Is there a way to refer to individual database records through a hyperlink? BTW - I am not talking about a webbased database - I want to use the local database that is on the same computer as DeLorme..... THX
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