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  1. i knew the answer was simple, thanks!
  2. This seems like it should be super easy, but I'm running into a speed bump. I am creating a simple project tracker using the Starter Solution 'Project.' (FM12) While in project details, I cannot get it to sort by the Due Date. If I go to the 'Sort' function, and do an ascending sort by verbose due date, it remains in an descending sort.
  3. i have several records in a db that contain a state value (i.e. ca, va, hi, co...) i want to create a calculation field that populates the value 'east' and 'west' depending on the values in the state field... ca, hi, co, or, wa, return 'west' ga, va, md, dc return 'east'
  4. I am creating BOM's (Build of Materials) for various marketing materials kits. Depending on the region, some kit builds will have 30 individual sku's some will have 10. Is it possible to create a field with 30 repetitions, but only display populated repetitions?
  5. Using FMP 10. I manage a database of inventory SKU's using FMP I need to put a Max Valu Limit on a Calculated Field. Basically, I'm trying to set up a rule on the Calculated Field that would go something like: If value >76, value should = 76 Any help is much appreciated. Johnny
  6. Did you ever find a solution for the Lotus Notes email glitch?
  7. I have a db that is used to record survey results. Several of the fields that get filled in, are drop downs. For instance, we record what Language tours are conducted in. The drop down lists 5 possible laguages. I want to generate a report that allows me to input a date range, and then gives me a list of the # of tours in each of the 5 laguages. Also, I have a field in which we record the membership number of visitors if they are members, and leave this field blank if they are not members. I need to again, after entering a date range, determine the total number of members visiting and the total number of non members visiting base on wether the membership number field is filled in or not. Thanks for any and all help. (See the attached fmp file.) GR_Surveys_Report.zip
  8. I am having the same problem. If you hear of any solutions can you please drop me a line at johnny.sissov@nutrilite.com. Regards, Johnny Sissov
  9. I had a 'Send Mail' script sending some static and variable text to a general email message in notes: After completing a work order you would hit a button and Lotus notes would create a new message that said here's your workorder number, blah blah, and cc the project manager, etc. I've recently upgraded to Lotus Notes 6.5.5 and now the text that used to port to the message field of the email ports to the cc field of the email??? Any suggestions. Regards, Johnny
  10. I had this exact same thing happen. I fixed it by going into Internet Explorer >> Tools >> Internet Options >> Programs and set the Email: program to Lotus Notes. Restart FMPro.
  11. I am developing a 'Job Tracking System' for a print department. We number our jobs as follows MMYY.001..002..003, etc. For example the first job recorded in July 2005, would have the job number '0705.001' Corresponding folders on our server are named likewise. Currently I have a 'Serial' counter that just starts at, for example, 0705.001. This works fine but I have to update it at the start of each new month. Is there a way to create a 'Serial' counter that will extract the MMYY so I don't have to update this every month? Regards, Johnny
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