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  1. Hi all I have a text field that is functioning as a checkbox. There are three options Yes, No and Process. As it is now any or all of the boxes can be checked. I would like it to allow only one box to be checked so that if one was checked to "no" it is automatically unchecked if "yes" or "process" is selected. Many thanks in advance.
  2. Yeah too many relationships between the same table. are bad. In fact I can't imagine the need for two between the same two tables. Only one is needed connect all the data of two tables.
  3. Ok. I am no expeert in this but I do have things functioning in my database like what you want. I think the only relationship you need is id guest to Id guest that is the important link between these two tables. Try getting rid of the relationships based on Id tour and last name.
  4. Hi I have been trying to get date picker integrated to my current database. I imported the scripts and changed the settings in the first two lines of the script to represent the date field in the table I wanted changed. I got undefined errors when I imported the sripts. I brought in the datePick table via the relationships. I am running this through and picking the date through a portal. When I click the button to select the date the I think ther must be a loop created as the busy hourglass just stays and I have to shutdown filmaker. Anybody know what I am doing wrong?
  5. Never mind the old search at the top of the page works well. Thanks
  6. Thanks for both responses so far. Sorry to ask but where do I find these demos?
  7. I was wondering if it was possible to have a date field functioning that when data is entered a calendar pops up to have the date entered. By default the calendar would open with the current date displayed and then the correct year, month, day could be toggled to by arrows. This would faciltate a more point and click type of date entry. Thanks in advance.
  8. Is it the id number that the relationship is based on? The relationship needs to be based on this id number. Does guest ID exist in each table?
  9. Thanks so much for your prompt reply. I've already created new records via the relationship thanks to your advice.
  10. I was wondering how it works with the creation of records through a portal. I have this set up in one instance where a invoice records are created though a portal by just entering information in the fields of the portal. When I tried to do this between two different tables I could not create records through the portal. I poked around to find something like "check here to enable the creation of new records" but could not find this. When I go to the layout of the new table and create several related records and return to the related table the records do appear correctly in the portal so I know the relationship is correct. But don't know why new records can not be made through the portal? Thanks all!!
  11. It is usually happening to me in the browse mode particlarly in layouts that have portals. I am still stumped.
  12. Sometimes when I open my database it seems to flicker like the screen is being redrawn several times per second. It drives my eyes nuts. Seems to happen in particular with layouts taht have portals. Sometimes a reboots seems to fix it but it does reoccur. Anyone run into this? Thanks in advance.
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