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  1. Thanks for your help, aflgenx. I *finally* succeeded, but only after a lot of trial and error (and a bit of cursing) as I tried to figure out how to put all the pieces together. This would make a great tutorial for beginners like me with a bit of fleshing out and going step by step. Thanks again.
  2. I've set up [Prev] and [Next] buttons to move through records in a layout. When the user is at the first record I would like the [Prev] button to turn gray (not disappear) and be non-clickable. Same for the [Next] button when user is at last record. Is this possible? Thx.
  3. Aha! Yes, I was able to trap for it by putting the the 'Get(LastError)' immediately after the print command as you suggest, Wlm Decorte. I had it after an 'End If' and that one line separation caused my problems. Thanks to all.
  4. The FileMaker runtime I've created takes a while to load. In addition, a blank window shows up about 5 seconds before the layout inside the window decides to make its appearance. How can I make some kind of "Loading...please wait" message appear *immediately* to reassure the user that all is well? The message would need to disappear, of course, once the layout pops into view. Thanks.
  5. I have a script that prints a layout without a dialog. But a print progress dialog still shows up (printing 1 of 10, 2 of 10, 3 of 10, etc.) and there is a Cancel button the user can click on to abort the job. How can I trap for the user clicking the Cancel button from this dialog? Thanks.
  6. Thanks Lee and Mel--guess I won't fret about the file size, then.
  7. I have a simple FM project--only about 15 records in one main table with small amounts of text. But when I make the runtime (I'm on a Mac), the .app file it creates is HUGE. Like 40 MB! Is this normal? Makes copying files back and forth for testing purposes a pain. (I've tried the Tools - File Maintenance - Compact & Optimize...) Thanks.
  8. Great sample code, thanks. I can now do what I want using the 'tell front database' 'tell record #' and 'set cell' statements you presented.
  9. Very efficient -- a subscript called at the top of every script. Thanks for the tip, I'll have to use this.
  10. How do you set a field in FM to the value of the AppleScript variable? (Yes, I am aware of the Dictionaries but am too new to make much sense of them.)
  11. From within my FM app as part of a script, I do a 'Perform AppleScript' command. The AppleScript sets a variable, 'set x to 5', let's say. How can I then use the value of that x variable in the FM script that follows the 'Perform AppleScript'? Did a search in the forum on this topic, but did not quite find what I needed. Thanks.
  12. OK. Even though they are the system defaults, I will make it a practice to put abort=off capture=on atop every script just to be sure. Thanks Søren and Mark.
  13. Do you have to put 'Allow User Abort [Off]' and 'Set Error Capture [On]' atop every script? I want these settings to be in effect throughout my app, with every script. I believe they are the system default settings. But after looking at various script examples and doing some tests myself, it seems you may have to keep reissuing them? Can anyone clarify? Thx.
  14. Thanks David and LaRetta. My head is kind of spinning, but you've pointed me in some good directions. Continuing to discuss the layout idea for creating dialogs... 1. What is the trick to making the dialog modal, so that: User clicks button, New Window[] brings up imitation dialog box, user cannot exit or switch to any other window except by clicking one of the buttons in the dialog. 2. How to you deal with/trap/disable the Close/Minimize buttons, should the user decide to click one of those? Thanks.
  15. Could someone tell me what the popup options Halt/Exit/Resume/Pause are used for in the Options area of the Format->Button Setup... dialog? I wonder about this every time I go into this dialog and click Specify... to link a script to a button. I leave the popup at the default 'Pause', but I don't notice any pausing going on when I click my button--my script executes without hesitation.
  16. Hi. Yeah, I have some scripts that depend on knowing whether the window is open and the information available to the user, and if the window is taking up screen real estate. I started out by setting a global variable "flag." The user clicks a button, the New Window() opens, the flag = true. The user clicks the same button (a toggle), the window closes, the flag = false. The problem? The user can click the window's close button (of the close/minimize/maximize buttons), and I would not know the window is gone.
  17. What script would I use to check if a certain layout or a certain window (via its title) is open? Thx.
  18. LaRetta, would you be talking about the 'New Window' command? I've experimented with that, but I just can't make the new window look like a normal dialog box. Can't get rid of the min/max buttons, can't get rid of the zoom controls, can't get rid of the thick border...
  19. Okay, so you can't specify the dimensions of a dialog box using Troi, but will the dialog expand itself vertically to accommodate more than just a few lines of text? Or would lengthy text be cut off?
  20. Sorry for the late response, 'New to FM', I wasn't thinking that this post thread was still active. I could never find a way to remove the zoom icons. However, if you include the script step Set Zoom Level [Lock; 100%] then at least the controls will be grayed out and unclickable.
  21. Thanks for the help on custom dialogs. If I can continue the conversation a bit ... Option A -- Plug-In I found the Dialog plug-in from Troi. The product details do not say whether you can specify dimensions, however. Also, what happens when I create a runtime? Is the plug-in automatically integrated? Option B -- Layout Thanks, LaRetta, for this idea. So is it possible to make a layout appear on top of another layout, just like a modal custom dialog would? Not exactly sure how to do this...
  22. I am trying to incorporate custom dialogs, but they do not seem to size to their content. Although you can resize and expand a dialog when it appears by dragging the lower right corner, all dialogs that popup after come up with those same expanded dimensions. How can I set the dimensions of a custom dialog programatically? Thanks.
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