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  1. Yes, I realized that after I posted, but I need lessons in both so what the heck.
  2. I didn't even see that you posted something for me to try. Thanks. I'll work on it tomorrow. Stephie
  3. That's the way it used to be and management had me change it because everyone prefers to enter them into the same field (it's on the web). But now they also want the field standardized since some people insist on putting in dashes, etc. I'd go back to a separate field for extensions if I could figure out how to write the script that says extract the numbers to the right of the little x -) There are probably about 300 contacts with extensions and they're not all 3-digit. I need to take some classes in scripting. I used to be smarter.
  4. Using the calculation from one of John Mark Osborne's tip files (FieldFilter7.fp7) from his website Databasepros.com, you can format your phone number field with this Auto Entry calculation: Let( NumbersOnly = Filter(Your_Phone_Field; "0123456789"); "(" & Left(NumbersOnly; 3) & ") " & Middle(NumbersOnly; 4; 3) & "-" & Right(NumbersOnly; 4)) His calculation strips the phone number of all existing format so there are just numbers and then reformats it the way you want it. After you finish the calculation, copy it to your clipboard. Make sure you uncheck the "Do Not Replace Existing Value, If Any" checkbox before you exit the auto entry formatting screen. Then do the "Replace Field Contents" for your phone number field and choose By Calculation and paste your calculation in. Since it will do all the records in the found set, you should probably just have one record in the found set to make sure it works right. This is for a phone number with 10 digits so you would need to add other conditions to your calculation. If anyone knows how to add a condition for an extension, let me know (e.g., 321-555-7777 x 213). I can't figure it out, and using the above calculation, I'd get (321) 555-7213. (And I'm changing my level from intermediate to beginner because I really need to learn scripting better!)
  5. Does anyone know what shows up on an access log when someone times out? I thought it would be a 404 because when I timed out once I got a "page not found" which I thought was a 404. There are no errors on the application log until the 301 error shows up. (There IS a 404 this morning because the CFO who hosts this database accidentally closed it while someone was in it online.) I've attached the access and application files for the period of time that thollister was online. If anyone sees anything of interest, please let me know. His user name shows up a lot but it might be because of scripts I have that check the user name in order to show the right set of records. (Not sure if that type of thing shows up on the logs.) Thanks,Stephie applicationJan9.zip
  6. Uh, oh. Looking carefully at the "authdb" which shows that he logged in as the authorized user, I see that he was in the database for longer than an hour and then he logged in again. If you are timed out, does that record get locked as though the user is still in there? He logged in again and it was after that 2nd login that he got the 301. I still find it strange if that is the reason. Other people have been in much longer than an hour which means they probably got timed out, too, but no one else out of 40 people who have used this database for the past 2 months has gotten that 301 error. So, still looking for something to tell them if anyone has any ideas. Thanks,
  7. Does anyone know if there is a difference between what the access log says below in these 2 instances? Why does the 2nd one say "cleansession" but the first one doesn't? This user wants my database taken down because he got an error that said another user was in the record (no one else had access to the record he was in) and he lost his input. I think maybe he logged in twice without logging out the first time, which would make HIM the other user. HE says the database is worthless because he has one problem after another but no one else has had any problem (I checked the application log for errors.) His "other user" error (#301) came up after the 2nd login below. Please give any advice. The entire management team is now involved (he is a director) and I need to give them an answer. Is there anything I can look for in either log that will explain? Is there any way to tell if someone logs out? If not, i s there a script that I can write for future that will tell when someone logs out? FIRST ONE: - thollister [09/Jan/2007:23:22:40 -0500] "/fmi/iwp/cgi?-db=FY_2006_Performance_Reviews&-startsession" SECOND ONE: - thollister [09/Jan/2007:23:23:46 -0500] "/fmi/iwp/cgi?-db=FY_2006_Performance_Reviews&-startsession" - thollister [09/Jan/2007:23:23:46 -0500] "/fmi/iwp/cgi?-db=FY_2006_Performance_Reviews&-cleansession"
  8. Feeling rather foolish. There was one thing I had changed in my pdf script because I was using the same script for other pdfing, and that turned out to be the culprit. I had changed my script to pdf "current record" instead of "records being browsed." It never occurred to me that it would matter since in all cases there was only one record in the found set being pdf'd. But evidently, when there's a subsummary part, you have to tell it to pdf records being browsed. Works now.
  9. Has anyone had a problem wih their pdf file only showing the first page when the document is several pages in preview mode? I have an online performance review database and since people can be reviewed by self, peers, team leads and supervisors, and the report ends up being more than 12 pp long in some cases, I put a calculated field in the subsummary part and sort by a certain field. No problems last time I pdf'd but today I get one page, except every now and then it pdfs all the pages. Using the same script from the same layout, etc. Can't figure out what's happening here. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  10. Is there a reason you don't want to put navigation buttons on your layout? My list view only shows 25 records (my table view shows 50) but I added buttons << PREV NEXT >> , adding one field to my db called currentRecord with a simple script using "Go to Record/Request/Page" and chose "by Calculation" and set the calculation to Employee::recordCurrent - "25" for the Previous 25 and Employee::recordCurrent + "25" for the next page of 25. I'm sure there are better ways to do this, like also accounting for times when the new record exceeds the number in the found set (which will generate an error in the application log but doesn't cause any problems) but this works for me and for users since it sticks to the found set when navigating.
  11. I have FM Pro Advanced 8.0v3 and am serving a DB via IWP. Whenever I exit Filemaker, I get an error that reads: FM Web Publishing.exe - Application Error The exception unknown software exception (0x0eefade) occurred in the application at location 0x7c81eb33. Anyone know what this means? Seems like it started after I updated to v3, but I tried reinstalling and re-updating and it still happens. I don't care if it's not going to cause problems down the line, but don't know if that's the case. Thanks, Stephie
  12. This sounds like it might be a solution, so I'm going to work on it today and see what happens. (I've never done a report, so I'll have to look into that first.) Thanks for the suggestion. I'll keep you posted. Stephie
  13. I know it's possible to write a script that eliminates extra spaces and extra returns (I don't know how to do it but I know it's possible:-). But if after all the extraneous junk is removed from a field, there is still too much info in the field, what else can I do? Is it possible with scripting to say that if there are more than 500 characters in a field, to change the font size to "10" (from "12") and if there are more than 700 characters in the field, to chanage the font size to "8" or something like this? I'm trying to solve the same problem that I posted under another topic (merging objects with formatted text or something like that) which no one was able to help with. If anyone has a suggestion, please let me know. Thanks, Stephie
  14. I had a hard time even coming up with a subject for this post and I'm not sure that merging is what I need to do, so I will appreciate any input on this problem ... I have a IWP performance review database. Employees go in and do their self-review, give peer inputs and if they are Team Leads or Supervisors, they do those reviews for the employees they are over. There are between 5 and 10 measures for each position, i.e., a Sr. Software Engineer has 8 measures, an Administrator has 10. The FMP layout mode allows me to have 12 letter-size pages. Normally, there would be 13 pages for someone with 10 measures, i.e., a first page that gives the review scores and other summary info, a page for each measure which shows the measure number and description, lists the names and scores by Employee, Team Lead, and Supervisor and all of their comments which have been merged into a field called Comments 1, Comments 2, etc; a Goals page which lists current and next year goals, and a final page of Additional Comments, where peer inputs are added in by the supervisor if he so desires. I have a layout for each position (e.g., a layout for someone with 5 measures, someone with 6 measures, someone with 7 measures, etc.), and I already changed the 10-measures layout so that the last 2 pages are crammed into one page due to the 12 page layout issue and I was just hoping that the 4 people who fall in this category don't have a lot of additional comments. THE PROBLEM: Some people write so much that their comments for one measure is longer than one page. The CFO doesn't care if a new measure starts at the top of a page as I have it set up now, or if it just starts right after the last measure but he doesn't want someone's comments getting cut off as they are now, so I was thinking that maybe I could merge everything on a record/assessment to get rid of blank space in one comment that could be used where another comment is extremely long. But is there any way to do this and retain formatting? I realize I can't have fill colors (I assume) behind blocks of text, but can I even format scores (numbers) that are being shown through a portal, etc., so that the pages look nice? Or is there a different type of solution to this problem that I should consider (for instance, a wild thought is maybe I could have 2 layouts so that the 12 page thing isn't an issue, but then is there a way to add the info together to pdf or would someone have to manually add the two pdf's together in Acrobat for each record?) I'm attaching a pdf showing the first two pages of a sample assessment. Any ideas are greatly appreciated. Stephie Smith record_example.pdf
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