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  1. Thanks Will It’s on windows server 2012. It was very strange . Literally kept turning on and off before my eyes I’m not sure if other traffic on port 443 was causing problems ? Filemaker has to be the first on there otherwise it won’t work .. but I managed to re-install FileMaker server 18 and it’s all ok now..
  2. HI, I have files loaded into filemaker server 18 and suddenly they all keep randomly opening and closing. Very strange. Anyone know of such an issue? TIA
  3. Yes ok.. apologise if it was unclear, but I did write that field A contains values between 1 and 9999 I now know why it did'nt work. I should have written "and" not &. the returned value would be 1 then, not yes. thanks for the comment..
  4. Hi, I am trying to sort a calculation which is solved by the following. "field a" has a range between 0001 and 9999 so if "field a" is between 0001 and 0999 I need to give field b a result of "yes" i tried this. If ( fieldA ≥ 1 & fieldA ≤ 999; "yes"; "" ) but it did'nt work.
  5. I have exactly the same issue. The only way I can make it work is by having the problematic file open at the same time. Then the tables will appear. It’s strange as I have 2 other databasss which also link remotely which works fine. i think it’s the server.pem file that is causing the issue. Mines only 3kb and it wants to be around 6kb. I can’t test it as don’t have another server.pem file. (Windows) Minuit/Ben are you able to locate this file so we can try it? regards, Ben
  6. To shed some more light on the issue... If I open the problematic file first. Then open the main database thats trying to remotely access.. it allows me to link them. But it wont connect if the database is closed? as in, no-one is connected, but normal on the server? This is perhaps something to do with full access to this file? How can I automate the link so the file does not have to be physically open in order to create ressurect relationships/links to remote files?
  7. Hi All, I have a new install of filemaker 16 where I have "updated" all older databases to .fmp12. this is all fine and i can access all databases on the server. I can remotely access, all files are shared and have sharing turned on. However, when linking databases to each other remotely, it says "the file cannot be opened and is closed by the host" (but its open/normal on the server) The only thing I can find is that the server.pem file on the server is only 3Kb and this has been an issue before. Does anyone have a server.pem file (for filemaker server16) that i can try to see if this fixes my Issue? tia
  8. I have multiple records That I have imported via a CSV file. I need to seperate the info of one field which is not consistent. for example 1 record has (field a) with a value of 12 x 120mm 2nd record has (field a) with a value of 1 1/2 X 2" i need (field b ) as a calculation to extrapolate the first part before the X i.e 12 and 1 1/2 respectively and field c to calculate the last part 120mm and 2" respectively .. How can I calculate this? TIA
  9. Hi, I have a portal showing various records. 1 to 10 say portal row number fieldA fieldb I need do have a drop down value list which only shows 1 value and that should be from the portal row above. Ie 1. fieldAContent FieldBContent 2. fieldA FieldB when i click in fieldA in portal row 2 I need this to show what is in fieldA from portal row1 can this be done if so how? I tried various thing using the relationship model but obviously I can't use calc fields to form relationships. Or at least I think I can't I guess I could use a script that goes to the previous row and grabs the field etc etc.. this may be the way?! but ideally a value list..
  10. This works perfectly.. I have attached a sample of this working.. thank you OES.. Outstanding. This works perfectly.. I have attached a sample of this working.. thank you.. Outstanding. date_calc.zip
  11. comment.. apologies for the confusion. eos, that looks like it.. I will try it and let you know.. thanks very much.
  12. Again, apologies.. I am trying to do 20 things a once... I did'nt take into account lunch.. basically.. I will have 1 field with the amount of working hours calculated.. its 18:30 hrs basically I need a date field to calculate a day based on a start time and a finish time in that day. so 1 day comprises of 8 hours from a start point and an end point. using 24 clock. for example (shift finish time(14:00) - Job start time (13:30)) + (24:00 - shift finish time (14:00)) + Shift Start time (06:00)) + working hours (18:30) (so at this point I need to check how many hours are left... in this case its 18:30 - 8:30) but where does it finish.. it could go on and on... If I am doing this manually.. I calculate in my head start date (24.02.14) Start time (13:30) shift finish time is 14:00 so that leaves 00:30 the next shift start date is a week day (24.02.14) start time is 06:00 finish time is 14:00 = 08:00 (18:30 - 08:00 + 00:30 = 10:00 left) the next shift start date is a week day (25.02.14) start time is 06:00 finish time is 14:00 = 08:00 (10:00 - 08:00 = 02:00) the next shift start date is a week day (26.02.14) start time is 06:00 finish time is 14:00 = this leaves 02:00 hrs therefore: the end time is 08:00 on 27.02.14 (02:00 hrs added to the shift start time of 06:00)
  13. Well of course I can do it on paper.. Sorry... Its 8 hours per day.. I did edit last post.. but you must have viewed it before I changed it I don't know how to use this same calc and make use of date and time fields... I need the date field and time field to change.. related to the calc that I can do on paper
  14. OK 18.5 hrs shift is from 6 until 2:00pm (14:00) - 8 hrs total job starts at 13:30 on 24/2/14 (00:30hrs left on shift) all day on 25/2/14 (8hrs) all day on 26/2/14 (8 hrs) finish on 27/2/14 at 08:00 0.5+8+8+2=18.5 (inbetween the both of us.. at a finish time of 8:00 am) sorry about that.. I just can't get my head around this calculation... using the date/time function commands
  15. Hi All, I am trying to perform a date calc based on a certian situation. I have the following fields start date, start time, finish date, finish time, hours so.. I have the hours field with 18.5 hours filled in. I select my start date and start time. But I want to be able to calculate the finish date and finish time automatically because I know the hours to be added. The problem also to be added.. The day/shift only has a certain amount of hours to be allocated that is 08:00hrs between 6:00 and 14:00 so.. if the start date is say 24/02/14 the start time is 14:00 and the hours is 18.5 I need the finish date to be 26/02/14 and the finish time to be 07:30 so to simplify Hours: 18.5 shift start: 06:00 shift end 14:00 shift hours per day: 8.0 start date: 24/02/14 start time: 13:30 finish date: ? (need this to calculate based on the info above) finish time ? (need this to calculate based on the info above) TIA
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