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  1. I have a small db where we track our inventory movement. When our inventory team scans a serial number it will autofill the model number for them. I am looking for a way to add a model in a separate table if that model does not already exist. I have two tables currently. First table is Inventory (our main data entry table) and the second table is Model Numbers (where we track model numbers and their matching serial numbers). Is there a way, upon leaving the serial number field, if the model is not found to open a custom message that ask if they would like to add that model. If they choose yes, open the second layout, create the new model record, save it, then return to the original layout to continue with data entry. This might be asking too much but would save us a lot of time. Thanks in advance
  2. That works perfect. Thank you for all the help.
  3. Yes I have a table that has two fields Model_Number and Serial_Suffix. It is always a one-to-one match for model and serial numbers. When we receive a new model in, I have a very simple portal where our inventory team puts in the new model number and the serial suffix that is associated with that new model. I have a 2nd portal, the main layout, where we can track what salesperson picked up what item. Right now we have to scan the serial number AND scan the model number. I would like to eliminate the scanning of the model number and have it autofill since this information is already contained in the serial number.
  4. Sorry, I wasn't very clear on the model numbers. We deal with electronics and lets say the model number for a TV is "ABCD" The serial number for that TV ends with "1B3". When we scan the serial number I would like the ModelNumber field to Autofill with the "ABCD" I understand how the calculation provided works but not sure how to use it for what I am trying Thanks
  5. What would the full calculation look like for this? If I have 2 fields, 1 named SerialSufix and 1 named ModelNumber, would I need a 3rd field to hold the result? I've never used calculations before.
  6. Hey All, I am working on a small database for our inventory team and need some help with Autofill. In the DB we are tracking serial number, model number, and the sales person that picks the item up from our inventory room. All our serial numbers are 11 or 12 digits long (letters and numbers) and the last 3 digits correspond to their model. When we scan the serial I would like to autofill the model field based on the last 3 digits of the serial. I have a table that tracks the last 3 of the serial and the models that match. What is the best way to calculate and autofill the model based on the last 3 of the serial? Thanks in advance, Zach
  7. I am having a hard time understanding the http requests and XML importing. I have a inventory database that stores book info like UPC/ISBN, title, and author. I have two things I am trying to get done. When a user scans or types in the upc I would like Filemaker first to check the internal database for the book and if it does not find it then submit a http request, import the returning xml, and display the information listed above. The http request must be made in the following format. http://isbndb.com/api/books.xml?access_key=12345678&index1=isbn&value1=0596002068 In this request 2 strings are needed. The access key which does not change and is unique and the ISBN which is entered as described above. The returned XML looks like this <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> Interesting Book Interesting Book: Read it or else.. John Doe Acme Publishing Any help would be greatly appreciated. -Zach
  8. Hi, My family owns a small used books store and we are looking for a program that can handle our point of sale, inventory, and customer accounts. I have done some research and believe a Filemaker solution is the way to go. There are three main databases that will be needed. An inventory database that is able to connect to a website to pull book information. A customer database that stores basic information and stores the credit each customer has from trade-ins. Also a point of sale database that can handle regular sales but also sales that involve using customer credit. We have a budget of approximatly $500 and would like the option of reselling the solution to other bookstores that we have a relationship with. If this is something you can help with please send me an email and I will provide more information. I have a storyboard drawn up for how we would like the program to work. Thank you, Zach Gafford zgafford@gmail.com
  9. My family owns a small bookstore and we are looking for a POS solution that allows us to track and apply customer credit to transactions. I have experience designing inventory and delivery tracking systems for a university I work at but am having a hard time finding the time needed to develop this POS system from scratch. Does anyone know of an open source product I could use mainly as comparison to see how I can integrate the customer credit feature into my existing basic POS system. Thanks Zach
  10. Wouldn't the script need to be running 24/7? Couldn't this cause problems with either the system or within Filemaker Thanks for all the help. This has been driving me nuts
  11. Can you point me to where I can find a plug-in that will work. I figured that was going to be the route to go but haven't been able to find a plug-in for it. I was also thinking I could just add a script to the submit button that when clicked will refresh the view list. The setup is we have 3 computers that can add new deliveries and one computer that is the server and constantly displays the view list of all that days deliveries. I need the list view to refresh/reload automatically so when we walk by it, without clicking anything, we can see if anyone has added a new delivery
  12. I work for a large university and we use Filemaker Pro to schedule and track deliveries of equipment. I have been searching for a way to auto-refresh a list view of the current days deliveries but have not found anything. Is it possible to have a list view auto-refresh/update on a set interval say every 10 mins or anytime a new order is submitted?
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