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  1. I am working on trying to integrate two separate files. I am able to GTRR and then a script in the other file, and I do this pretty frequently. While developing my solution I am working in a restricted access folder on my company's network. Both files will eventually be places on a FileMaker server. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips for me. My problem is that the scripts will usually work on my machine, but when I go to another one, they sometimes get hung up or become very slow. All the files are in the same folder, so the file references are not the issue here. So far I have found that I need to close the other file, before I GTRR and open in a new window. I also have a 1 sec pause between the Close file step and the GTRR, which has helped some. Anyways, If any one had any insight into this situation that would be really appreciated. I have already thought about putting the two files together, but that doesn't make sense for this particular situation. Thank you!
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I was hoping to have my field be validataed by the value list with the hyphen value. It would have been so cool, oh well :)
  3. Sorry if this post is in the wrong place.. Anyways is there anyway to have a Hyphen ("-") as a value in a value list? In the dialoge box, to the right, it says that adding a hyphen on a line by itself will add a line to a menu. Is there anyway to make the hyphen a value itself? I know in java is a special character and if you want to print out "" you have to code "". Is there any such trick that filemaker can understand?
  4. The Case statement in the auto enter value worked. I had tried something like that earlier with an If statement, but i think my syntax was wrong. anyways, thank you both!
  5. Thanks for the suggestions i think that might work... what invisibility trick?! :shocked:
  6. I just have one quick question... Is there anyway to change whether a field can be edited or not through a script step? Here's the situation: I have 1 field with radio buttons Yes/No. If that field is yes, then i don't want the user to be able to enter anything in my second field. If that is no, then i do want my user to be able to enter information in the second field. Thank you
  7. :thanks: Thank you for all of the great help!
  8. : no, they both a positive numbers. The records in the portal have a quantity field and a quantity type field, where there is a radio button set that you can choose receiving or disbursing. it seems that if i create a summary field in my portal table i can only sum up the quantity and not take into account whether i have received or disbursed. maybe i should use a script to go through my database and set the disbursing quantitys to negative numbers?
  9. I'm not sure whether i should put this in the Portal forum or not : , but i was wondering how to do a complex calculation of fields in a portal. I have a record for each part, and the portal shows various transactions that have occured, such as recieving and dusbursing and the quantity involved in each transaction. I want to create a 'balance' field that shows how many parts we have. I want it to add up the quantity of parts we received and subtract the quantity of parts we disbursed. I tried the Sum function and put an If statement inside it, but it just seems to add up all the quantitys (and not subtracting). I just don't know enough about the different calculation functions. Thanks for your help : Mushi
  10. Amazing, thank you very much! I knew it was simple, but I just couldn't figure it out (after looking around for a few days) thanks!
  11. If you need to have the student ID numbers be consecutive, you could try using a global nubmer field. Set the global number to 1, then have a button on your layout that says something along the lines of "Generate Student ID" or "Enroll Student" This would trigger a script that 1. Sets the StudentID field to the global field 2. Adds 1 to the global field This isn't as nice as auto entry, but you can make sure that only students whose status is "Enrolled" get student IDs
  12. I have a portal between two tables, connected by name. The portal has only one field, a number field. Is there any way I can make a summery or calculation field that can add up all the entries in the portal? B)
  13. I havn't worked much with calculation fields, but i will try your suggestion, thank you :
  14. I have a table of names of software, created to keep and inventory on what my company is running along with the licences we have. I recently discovered that i can use a server application to get a list of all applications currently installed, and how many. The problem is that name exported from the server are often more detailed (ie Adobe Acrobat 5.0 (v1.000.600)) and do not match up with already have in my DB. I have imported the server data to a new table with 'name' and 'number' fields, but i want to share this information with my SoftwareInven table. Since the names don't match up i am having trouble. I tried to create a script that could find server data based on the Full Name of the application from my other table, but preforming a find seems to want only explicit data (ie if i search software::fullName then it litterally tries to find "software::fullName"). is there anyway i can make a find request a variable? i tried global variables, but this didn't work either :. thanks in advance, this has me quite stumped. -Mushi
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