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  1. I am trying to invoice a group for membership fees. I would like to keep record of all invoices for each customer. There are some other things which I need to do, but I think if I can figure out how to set up TOs for a simple invoicing. I have members who get billed yearly, and I would like to be able to input past dues information to keep track of what each member has paid as well as ongoing dues which are billed. What is the simplist way to go about this? Thanks.
  2. That tutorial is a bit confusing. Is there anything out there that helps a little better. Or do you have a custom example? Thanks.
  3. I have a field that is imported with a title and a URL (ie The Alamo, http://www.thealamo.org) I have imported the records into a field then used two fields to calculate the necessary information. Title - MiddleWords(Substitute(impAtt;",";" ");1;2) URL - MiddleWords(Substitute(impAtt;",";" ");4;2) The problem is that the Title field has a variable amount of words. How do I separate between the comma no matter how many words on each side. Thanks.
  4. I have a form that I created with Adobe Designer. It says that I am able to populate it with xml. I exported my data from FMP and tried to import it to the pdf form, but it didn't work. Anyone know how to do this? Thanks.
  5. I have a testimonial table which has a CompID, CustID, custName, TestID and testimonial fields. I have a portal which allows for the creation of 3 testimonials per company. I then have a form which needs to display each testimonial on a seperate line with the customer name underneath. I tried using a repeating field but couldn't get it to work. And I can't seem to get all the testimonials to display using the latter way. Can anyone help?
  6. Umm not quite. I need to find the position of the comma. So I need to use the position function. I am using Middle(impRates; Position(impRates;",";1;1)-1 to display the first rates. Displaying the rates after the first comma and before the second is what I am having trouble with. I am using Middle ( impRates ; Position(impRates;",";1;1) ;Position(impRates;",";1;2)-Position(impRates;",";1;2)) But it isn't working. Or if you have a better suggestion I would love to hear it. Thanks.
  7. Got it. I used the calculation Middle (impRates ; 1 ;Position(impRates; ",";1;1) ). Thanks for any effort. I'm sure I'll have tons of questions before the night is over. Thanks again.
  8. It is a different issue but similar to that question yes. I guess what I am asking for is a calculation to count the number of characters before a comma. I am using Middle(impRates; 1; don't know what goes here) I don't know how to get that. I've been trying to use a count but hasn't been working.
  9. I have a spreadsheet that has three values separated by commas. I want to import those into three separate fields in FMP. Is that possible? I am guessing it would take some sort of deliminating script. The format is like this: 23.00, 55.00, 150.00. Some fields only have 23.00 or 23.00, 55.00. So I need one field to eqaul the first value before the comma and the next field eqaul the second value before the next comma and the third field to equal the last value in the cell. Thanks.
  10. That worked great. Except I gave you the wrong format. The field is actually (1,0,0,1,1,0,1,1). How do I deliminate the (). Thanks.
  11. I have a value list setup for the checkbox. It consists of 8 values. (Full Hookups, Pull Thrus, Cable TV, WiFi, Propane, Pool, Tent Sites, Cabin Rentals). The ideal thing would be to import the records currently using 1s and 0s (ex. 1,1,0,1,0,0,0,1). When I did a test export to a spreadsheet it gave me the values in the value list (which I expected) separated by a small box. I am guessing some sort of ascii something. I have almost come to the conclusion that it could be less work just to re-enter the information manually rather than spend the time trying to get it to work. I just don't want to have to enter 400 some records. Thanks.
  12. I am attempting to import a spreadsheet that has a field consisting of 1s (representing true) and 0s (representing false) seperated by commas that indicate if the company as a specific feature or not. I would like for the check box to be checked if it is a 1 and unchecked if it is a 0. Is that possibe? Thanks.
  13. I have three tables - Owner, Manager, Management Company. I want to create a contact list with all the basic contact information, but also includes a Title (Owner, Manager, Management). I want then to be able to display in respective portals on the specific company page all contact names associated with each title. I have put together a few trials but I cannot get them to display according to title. And I also have trouble displaying multiple records of contacts for a single company. Thanks
  14. Sorry for the long delay I have been busy getting ready to move. So back to the issue... I actually had the invoice table for specific invoices not for membership dues since they are, atleast with us, two completely different things. Although I have been thinking that they could just all fall under the Invoice table. But that would require some sort of ID process which I couldn't quite figure out in my testing. Also another thing I wasn't sure on was say I use FM for 7 years and have 7 dues statements am I going to have to create 7 Prior tables? If not then how do I pass the year which I intend the user to see. And also I tried to get an auto enter year. I only want the year but I always got some number like 6/28/0006. So yes I think we are getting closer there is just a couple more hurdles and I hope it'll be done. Thanks
  15. The customer base is Campground. Owner, Management physical and mailing address are just additional information about the customer(campground). Unique Id Post I tried to get some help specific to what I needed/wanted to do for the Id. Ultimately everything rotates around the campground as the customer. Any and all information is related to the campground. To put everything in perspective I am attempting to use this to have access to everything related to the customer (campground) as well as create a yearly dues statement (and index it per year) and also be able to create invoices from inputed information. Although from what you said I see that I need to first work on the base. Then get to the dues. I appreciate your help and patience with me.
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