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  1. That's simply it - is there a way to deny text formatting to all fields within a database? Data ENTRY is allowed, just not formatting, it MUST stay the way the layout has described it. I've set validation on some fields for size and font and color, but there are 100+ fields that need these options and not only would that be tedious work (though creating a database can certainly be so) it also does not allow me the option to deny alignment formatting, which is one of the most important ones - any suggestions? I posted this again in the Accounts and Privileges forum, so apologies if it repeats... Thanks! SC
  2. Ahh - thank you for the advice. Unfortunately I am, within time constraints, "fixing" this database rather than redesigning it altogether. However, after about 30 mins of fooling around with ScriptMaker here's what I came up with that worked (perhaps the script suggested here was for FMP 6), and it's probably a dirty way around something straightforward, but it works! (and I DID use "Composer Search" as a global field) Enter Find Mode [] Set Field [Name of template::Composer 1; LeftWords (Name of template: Composer Search) New Record/Request Set Field [Name of template::Composer 2; .... And so forth ending with Perform Find [] Go to Layout [Program Page] So for now I'm kind of screwed if the last name is two words - any further suggestions? Thanks again! SC
  3. My goal is to be able to create a search or find request that search multiple fields within one layout for text entered once. If it were done without a script, one would enter text in one field and then extend the find to the next, and again to the next and so forth. I'm jumping the RTFA option and not having luck. I have Help, and I have Tutorials and neither are answering my question, so I looked to the trusty forum that's helped SO much. Specific situation: I have a database for documenting around 200 concerts per season. Ten composer fields exist for the works performed within one performance/record and with a simple search of "Beethoven" in [Composer 1 Last Name] will bring up only all performances where a Beethoven piece was played first. I need our users to be able to find in one step/script every Beethoven piece performed within the season, which means it much search for "Beethoven" in [Composer 1 Last Name] as well as [Composer 2 Last Name] and so forth. I'm sure this is too detailed but better to be overly detailed than insufficient. I'm new at this and don't want to waste anyone's time so even just pointing me in the right direction would be VERY helpful and I can root through Help or the tutorials from there. THANK YOU!! SC
  4. Okay - so now I have pictures to assist my explanation - I figure that's the easiest. My knowledge of the inner workings of FMP is minimal by the way. I know enough to have modified and reconstructed this template using calculations at the least, and I have put in about 6-7 hours of DVD tutorial, but that's it. I am on a summer project and need mostly fast results so I am utilizing this forum as a crutch and it has help *immensely* -- Anyway - Picture 1: The program page, you will see where the composer's name is to be entered. You will see that the composer field for Work 3 is blank, this is because Work 2 AND Work 3's composer is "Britten." For database search purposes, we would like the composer to always be entered, even if it is repeated consecutively, however, we want it NOT to be repeated on... Picture 2: The insert page, which is basically the back of the CD case. The current Composer fields are just "Composer 1 Last Name," "Composer 2 Last Name" etc. up to 10 -- -- my first thought was to create new Composer calculation fields that know to be blank if the preceding composer field's text matches its own. Help? B)
  5. Hi - I'm wondering if there is a way to build a calculation field based on whether or not two fields have matching text. In brief, I have several fields in which a composer's last name is entered -- these fields related to a layout that lists, vertically, the composers entered... I am hoping that when the same composer is repeated immediately I can leave the second field blank on this list because it is redundant for my purposes to repeat the name again. I've rooted around in Help but haven't come up with anything yet - can FMP even detect that relationship (matching text)? Thank you!!!
  6. Well - created a new layout by inserting new fields (did not copy and paste) but did align by copying and pasting alignment setting from the "Size" window from the old layout. STILL had the same problems, with the same records. Weird... I'm at loss for what to so with it. SC
  7. No leading spaces, if you mean ones put in intentionally or in a calculation or something. The layout in the screenshot as well as layouts for the CD face and booklet all get their information from corresponding fields on a program page. The rest of the layouts are locked because we've had problems in the past with things getting "really messed up" when people try and change information in different layouts. So, back in the program page there are no extra spaces, nothing is different between records. In fact, these fields don't "jump around" on the other layouts, only the two layouts that are for the CD insert, as seen in the snapshot. Even if I unlocked the other layouts, you still wouldn't find a space in those fields. (However, once or twice a composer field has randomly turned up in BOLD, and to get rid of it I unlocked the field, set it to bold and then took off the bold and it returned to normal style - something else strange). Is this something that might be fixed by redoing the entire layout? What a pain if it wouldn't work.
  8. Actually - I tried changing font smoothing setting down to 6 instead of 8 again and this time it worked - I think I had tried that BEFORE the update but not again after. So, that fixed it for me - problem gone, happy user.
  9. "Does the layout behave the same way in Browse Mode?" -Yes. "Does it appear the same when you print?" -Yes. "Have you tried using different printers?" -Yes. "Are there sliding options set on the problem fields?" -Yes. I realized many were unnecessary (fields have changed a little since the FMP6 version because we're updating the layout anyway). I removed the sliding option and the problem persisted. Weird, eh?
  10. Has anybody else experienced alignment problems where on various records the alignment of a field jumps ahead a space, randomly, in one record and not the other? This file was converted from FMP6. It had these problems in FMP6 and we were hoping FMP7 and an update would fix it but it didn't - comments, suggestions, what on earth? I'll attach a screenshot of two consecutive records. Look at the top of the layout with the name "Don Roth" and the venue and concert title, and also the alignment jumps in the fields for the song itself. Inexplicable corruption?? Thank you!
  11. Having the same problem with one of my machines. I have 10.4.1 on one machine and the v3 update corrected it wonderfully, but on another machine with 10.3.9 it corrected only a blurry Preview mode and not the cursor problems. I don't understand!! If anyone indeed comes up with a solution please let us know - I've got an 83-year-old man using that computer and is about to rip his hair out (at least he's got lots of it) - but it is better than the corrupted FMP6 file we tried to salvage that was sporadically leaving fields out of the printed layout. Yeep.
  12. Worked perfectly - I can't believe how amazing the help has been that I have received from this forum. Hopefully I'll be able to do the same for others as I continue to learn this stuff. THANK YOU.
  13. I've put my 3.5 hours in trying to get this to work but can't - so here's my question: Is it possible to Text format a date calculation, yet still maintain control over the format of the date itself? I have a calculation that changes the size of the text (of a date) if one thing and not the other, switching the field between 8pt and 9pt. This works when using the unformatted date "mm/dd/yyyy" but I would like the date to be "mm/dd/yy" and can't seem to format it this way unless it is a DATE calculation, yet the text calculations seem to be null. If I want the text calculations to be active, then it has to be a TEXT outcome for the calculation, but then I can't format the date to "mm/dd/yy." Any solutions? Thank you!!!
  14. Yup - that worked ... I was just missing a ";" in my efforts for the most part. I ended up with "CD" & " " & (label concert number) & " " & If(not IsEmpty(Multiple CD) ; (Multiple CD)) I HAD moved on to another question which was ... I wanted to use the same type of calculation but include my date field that is formatted to convert mm/dd/yyyy into day name, month and day, and year -- but within a calculation it limited it back to mm/dd/yyyy - so my question was "any way to format the date properly in a calculation field?" HOWEVER, to my great triumph, I figured it out and might as well post it so that anyone who'd want to know the same thing can find out here... my date field is simple titled "label date" Calculation is: DayName(label date) & "," & " " & MonthName(label date) & " " & Day(label date) & "," & " " & Year(label date) & " " & (Label Event Time) Thanks again -- SC
  15. How to put this most simply....hmm.... I have a in consecutive order right next to each other, a text object "CD," a field "A###" and a field "A/B." The "CD" and field "A###" are always full, but the last field "A/B" is full only when there are two CDs. My problem is with how to keep it centered on the layout with AND without the occasional "A/B" field. It is mandatory that this layout not be edited in anyway - all data entry is done on a separate page, so this must be an automatic occurrence. I've browsed calculations and looked it up in Help and tried a bunch of things but cannot nail-down the correct formula. Is this possible? Thank you SO much for your help - it's been a lifesaver so far. SC
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