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  1. I should add: if it says error #2308 (I think), that is the error I received when my firewall was blocking port 2399.
  2. Well, I think I've found my problem: http://filemaker.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/filemaker.cfg/php/enduser/popup_adp.php?p_sid=IYld3LIi&p_lva=&p_li=&p_faqid=6451&p_created=1178567005&p_sp=cF9zcmNoPTEmcF9zb3J0X2J5PSZwX2dyaWRzb3J0PSZwX3Jvd19jbnQ9MjA1JnBfcHJvZHM9MCZwX2NhdHM9JnBfcHY9JnBfY3Y9JnBfc2VhcmNoX3R5cGU9YW5zd2Vycy5zZWFyY2hfbmwmcF9wYWdlPTEmcF9zZWFyY2hfdGV4dD1vZGJjIHBvcnQ* 8.0v4 ODBC is incompatible with Mac OS 10.3.9. Bummer.
  3. What error number does it tell you?
  4. I'm trying to make an ODBC connection from Windows to a file on our FileMaker Server (Mac OS). The specs for both are listed below. In Windows' ODBC Data Source Administrator, I clicked the 'System DSN' tab, clicked the 'Add' button, and put in the parameters for Server Host, Server Port (2399), and Server Data Source. When clicking 'Test Connect' I receive the message SequeLink Error: 2306 [DataDirect][ODBC SequeLink driver][sequeLink Client]TCP/IP error, connection refused Port 2399 is not blocked by the OS X firewall, but the server never opens the port. If I move the file I want to connect to to another machine and share it with a FileMaker Pro client, I am able to make the ODBC connection, so the file is indeed set to be shared. This also indicates the Windows machine is set up properly. In FileMaker Server Admin under the 'Plug-Ins' section, 'Allow FileMaker Server to use plug-ins' is checked at the bottom. In the 'Configure' section, 'Allow ODBC and JDBC connections' is checked and 250 connections are allowed. We never have more than 10 connections to our server at a time, so it can't be a problem with no connections available. The Summary screen says that ODBC Client Connections are permitted. If I run '$fmsadmin list plugins' in the Terminal is says that xDBC Data Access Companion is enabled. The xDBC.fmplugin file has permissions of drwxrwxrwx. At this point I'm unsure of what else to try except reinstalling FileMaker Server. Did I miss any steps here? Is there anything else I can try? Thanks for any help. ---------- Windows specs: - Windows XP SP2 - DataDirect SequeLink for ODBC: ( http://fmdl.filemaker.com/MISC/MacOSX/fm_7_win_xdbc_7.0.5.317.zip ) Mac specs: - Mac OS X 10.3.9 w/all security updates installed - PowerMac G5 (not Intel) - FileMaker Server Advanced 8.0v4
  5. For the moment we've changed the FM Server to show all files instead of just the files they have access for. Now instead of the credentials being sent 10+ times, they're sent once. We've also changed the OD Server to lock out accounts after 4 failed attempts in a row instead of 3. For the moment this works fine. We'll be upgrading to 8.5 soon, and I'll post back how things go at that point.
  6. Windows client needs to be upgraded to 7.0v3...
  7. I'm having the same issue: Mac sorts as it should, PC sorts in reverse order. Anyone have any suggestions?
  8. Ok, last update: FileMaker support says: yes... we've heard about similar issues... hmm... don't use that feature.
  9. Turns out this was actually just the server not logging the attempt. The credentials still get sent. So the problem appears to be with the Windows FileMaker client.
  10. How's this for a curveball: Created a new Windows account, account name doesn't match any in the OD server. Under this account, When the user clicks on the server in FileMaker, no login credentials get sent. So there has to be something about how all the other Windows accounts are set up that are doing this.
  11. But the OD server is not returning a group at all, it just says password incorrect. (but who knows which password this is because it all happens before the user ever types in a password...) Anyway, according to http://www.filemaker.com/downloads/pdf/techbrief_fm8_server_auth.pdf on page 56, UNC syntax just specifies where to look for the account if there is a conflict. Not sure if that is relevant.
  12. Re-reading your post, I'm wondering if the Windows clients are attempting single-sign-on? And if so... why? (since SSO is only available using Windows Active Directory, and we're using Macintosh Open Directory).
  13. Thanks for the help. I've read both of those many times, still can't find any answers. -------------------- In the hopes that this might clarify some things: Suppose we have two users 'mark' and 'fred', both in the OD server group 'dataentry'. The group 'dataentry' is added to some of the files on the FM server; the files are all up and running, and the 'dataentry' group is enabled in said files and set to authenticate externally. If either fred or mark tries to log in from a Mac client, things work as they should. If fred tries to log in from his own Windows computer, where the local account name is fred, he gets locked out by the process in the first post. Same goes for mark. However, if mark tries to log in from fred's Windows computer or vice versa, both can log in successfully.
  14. Here's our setup: FileMaker server: Mac OS 10.3.9, FileMaker Server Advanced 7.0v4 Open Directory Server: Mac OS 10.4.7 FileMaker clients: Mac OS 10.3.9, Mac OS 10.4.7, Windows XP SP1 & SP2; all FileMaker Pro 7.0v3 The FM server is set to only show users the files they have access to. Each user is a member of 1 or more groups on the OD server. Each of these groups is set as an externally authenticated account in the relevant FM files on the FM server. The users/groups/files are all set correctly because any user can log in to the FM server and open the files they have access to from FileMaker Pro on any Mac client. Here's our problem: When a Windows client chooses the FileMaker Server from the list (File > Open Remote...), it immediately tries to log in to the OD server using their Windows account name and the OD server logs show "AUTH2: {some numbers, Windows account name} DIGEST-MD5 authentication failed, SASL error -13 (password incorrect)" multiple times. This all happens BEFORE the FileMaker client prompts for a username/password to send to the server. The problem here is that if the user's Windows account name matches their OD server name, then their OD account is locked out (OD is set to lock out a user after 3 failed log in attempts), and then they can not access the FM Server. However, even if their Windows account name AND password match their account name and password for the OD server, they still get locked out. (So... if it's sending the right name and password, why is being rejected? But further, why is it sending anything at all? - the Mac client doesn't send anything at this point) Now, if their Windows account name does not match their OD account name, or if they attempt to log in from a different Windows client, or from any Mac client, as long as their OD account isn't locked out, they can log in with no problems. Just to clarify - the OD Server is being sent the Windows account name and password at the point when a user selects the FileMaker server from the available list (by going to File > Open Remote...) by clicking the name, but BEFORE they enter their username and password. Questions: - Why are the Windows clients sending the local account name and password? - Why, if the local account name and password are valid on the OD Server, are they being rejected?
  15. Its crappy if you're doing web publishing form the server. There should be some form of control on the server end.
  16. In the meantime, it is possible to simply hide the databases from showing up: http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?fid/51/tid/175662/pid/221263/ That still leaves them accessible, however...
  17. I have the same problem, using Server 7 Advanced. Any ideas??? Anyone?
  18. It sounds like a character encoding issue. Try changing the character set when you export from FileMaker.
  19. Is it possible to post a copy of your file?
  20. In this case, since PERSONS::TOTAL_TIX is unstored, the "trigger" functionality doesn't work. Rather unfortunate, as I was hoping to do something very similar to your attempt here.
  21. Its for a conference that runs every couple of years. We have many attendees from certain companies and some attendees own or work for multiple companies. e.g. Steve Jobs is CEO at Apple Computer, and is on the Board of Directors at Disney. We also track past employment.
  22. I set the main layout table to R_Employee_Company and it seems to work fine. Not sure why I couldn't get it working earlier. :
  23. There's a join table so that each company can have many employees, and each employee can work for many companies.
  24. I don't know why, but this is the only combination that works: Layout Table type: Employee Sub-summary when sorted by: Company::name *shrug*
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