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  1. Thanks Fenton. You have been really helpful. Take care, jesse
  2. I tried putting all the fields onto a layout, but it was so many fields, it kept hanging FileMaker up- which is why I wanted to find the useless fields. I didn't even think of a simple = find for all the fields. i guess that is the first thing i wanted, to find all the fields which have no data. The typing = into all critical fields is also another simple thing that I didn't even think of. Starting with those 2 will probably solve 50% of my cleaning. The duplicates are another story altogether, but that will have to be the next step. Thanks you both so much!
  3. I wouldn't generally assume that a field that isn't on a layout is unneeded either, but in the case of our 15+ databases developed over 10+yrs, I am positive that there are over 25 fields that nobody even knows what the information they stored was intended to mean. There are also a bunch of fields that have never had any data input into them. I am actually trying to clean up the records in the databse, not the fields. But with more than 100 fields in a single database, it is impossible to know if there is data that we actually need on that record somewhere in the system that we can't even see. The main reason I am trying to clean our data itself IS because we are going to upgrade our system. We haven't determined whether that will be to FileMaker 9 or another product entirely, but before we can even begin to vet the technologies against our requirements, we still need to get rid of the 5000+ records that need to be deleted (literally!). It is a mess. Any FileMaker pro would be disgusted to see the state of our data storage! : Thanks, jesse
  4. Hey all- I am in FileMaker 6 on a mac, and my organization's database is a total mess that I would like to clean up. I am wondering whether there is a way to find all fields that are not on a singly layout? Also, relatedly, I am wondering if there is a way to find records that have data in less than a certain # (say 7) fields? I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks a lot, Jesse
  5. Thank you both so much! I had no idea I could even do this. Problem solved.
  6. For some reason, when I am in certain layouts and try to print, instead of printing the current record in the layout, it prints out the names of the fields in some other layout. They aren't even formatted for that layout, it is just a list of the field names, field types, and formula/entry option. Does anyone know what's up? Note that we are using FM 6 on a mac. Thanks so much for any help you can offer.
  7. [color:green]Wow. I have no idea how that happened- but thank you so much. That fixed it, and i don't thinnk i ever could have figured that out! Thanks for the help. :worship:
  8. Hey friends- We had a printing script that looked like this: [color:purple]Go to Layout [ Deposit Detail ] Print Set Error Capture [ On ] It always worked fine. Yesterday, I wrote a log, new script. Now, anytime I print from the script or the print dialogue, it just prints the script. Please help! Any suggestions? Thanks a lot.
  9. Actually, even if i delete the new script, it prints the current script, instead of the layout it is supposed to!
  10. Hey friends- We had a printing script that looked like this: [color:blue]Go to Layout [ Deposit Detail ] Print Set Error Capture [ On ] It always worked fine. Yesterday, I wrote a log, new script. Now, for some reason, when we perform the priting script, it prints the new script steps. I'm totally confused. I tried taking every possible "print" script step out of my new one, and it doesn't help. Even when we try to print from the print dialogue itself, the same thing occurs. Can anyone think of anything i can do to fix this? Thanks so much, jesse
  11. that's it. that was so easy, thanks Ender! Would it still work if the field A is formatted as a radio button? thanks a lot. jesse
  12. here is the calculation, as it is currently formulated. it keeps resulting in "1 ticket & Business Card size ad" Choose(Yes Ad size 10th="Freshman ($100-250)", "1 ticket & Business Card size ad", Yes Ad size 10th = "Sophomores ($250-$500)","2 tickets & 1/4 page ad", Yes Ad size 10th = "Juniors ($500-$1,000)", "5 tickets & 1/4 page ad", Yes Ad size 10th = "Seniors ($1,000-$2,500)", "10 tickets & 1/2 page ad", Yes Ad size 10th = "Graduates ($2,500 and up)", "10 tickets & full page ad","")
  13. hey all, and thanks for any help: here is the issue: i am trying to create an invoice where the description of the purchase appears (field B- currently a calculation field with choose as the function) on the basis of what value is chosen in another field (field A). that field (A) is a value list with four values. all are about 4 words of text. i have tried with field A formatted as both radio buttons and a drop down list, and it didn't work with radio buttons and it (: will only choose the first option in the choose calculation when the other field is formatted as a drop down. any ideas? thanks!
  14. I think I am about where Barcelona is, and I would love to be able to view sbg's example, but I only have FMP 5. Is there anyone who would be willing to save this to a version 5 file so I can open it? (I have 6.0 on a mac at work, so I could do it there if that is possible but 5 isn't.)
  15. Any Help would be so appreciated on Post#178201 :qwery: :qwery:
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