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  1. Yes it is picked from the orders table on a layout.
  2. I have a conditional value list as on my attached picture, which is very simple and shows a company and their products. I pick a company and the next field shows the products for that company. This works well. Companies table holds the company name and the products, order table displays the company name and lets you select the product.(Item). I need to display another company and product on the same layout so i have Company Product Company 2 Product 2 The all must work of the same companies table so i can display 2 separate companies and products on the same layout. Hope this is clear enough. Any ideas?
  3. it has two date fields because the booking are for 2 separate companies any idea how i can script this find?
  4. I have a layout with 2 date fields, this is so we can book the appointment dates for the customer. Sometimes the appointments are both on the same day, sometimes on different days. I am trying to find a way to do a search through the records and find today's appointments. if one of the date fields is blank and the other has todays date it must show the record. If one of the date fields contains a date in the future and the other one today it must show the record. If both date fields are for today it must show the record. Any ideas? do i need a script? Thanks.
  5. Many Thanks. I did manage to sort it out!
  6. Hi, I am trying to sort out our company Database. We have a field called Company_name which is a drop down from a value list with all the company names in it. I have a field underneath called Products. what i need to be able to do is select a company name and the product field only shows the products for that particular company in a drop down list. any ideas?
  7. A button with a script take the user back to layout one.
  8. Hi, I have a database with 3 layouts. what i want to do is go from layout 1 to layout 2 or 3 and when i go back to layout 1 I am on the record i was viewing. Set Varaible [($Number; Value:Get (RecordNumber)] Go to Record/Request/Page [No dialog;$Number] This does not work! any ideas?
  9. ianmuir

    Value List

    Hi, I have a value list which gets its data "from Field" "Allow editing of value list" is greyed out. Is there any way I can remove some of the values in this list? Thanks Ian
  10. We have our old database and our shiny new one. I have exported the records to the new one no problem. Both databases have a portal which is for notes. I go to the portal layout on the old database and export all the records (notes) I go to the portal layout on the new database and import all the records (notes) The new database shows no notes on the records but they are in the portal layout. What have I done wrong?
  11. Sorry, I don't understand. can you show me an example? Thanks
  12. Hi, I have 2 fields in a table "Project Name" and "project_ID". so I could put "Asia" and "#78" no problem. I need the "project_ID" to be locked to the project name. So picking Asia would make the project ID field on a different layout automatically show #78 Can this be done? Thanks
  13. That is exactly was was needed. I read up on it and implemented it and it worked.! Many Thanks.
  14. Hi, i have a table called "stock" and portal on the admin layout displays the data from the table no problem. I need to put another portal on the user layout displaying the same data as on the admin layout. I need the portal to show the same data on every record, so when a user goes to next record the stock data is still displayed in the portal. i have tried self join but cannot get the portal on the user layout to show anything at all. Any Ideas?
  15. ianmuir

    2 portals

    Thanks, but i cannot see how to do this. Any examples?
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