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  1. Oh well... That's grabbing the filename of the image but it's not putting the image in the field. Can FM7 do what I'm trying to do? I'll see if I can't convince my boss to buy it for me...
  2. can i make this field hidden and locked so it will always have the same pathname in it?
  3. I'm having trouble setting up these field definitions. the first one I think I have got correct. When I try and make the second one It won't let me put a path name in. It will only let me choose a data type... Can you hold my hand with this? I'm running FM 5.5
  4. Ask and ye shall receive! IT installed the plug-in for me... I'm going to give it a try right now...
  5. Due to the fact that I'm at work and IT has tons of restrictions put on our computers and, more importantly, don't have WinZip on this machine, I need a favor. come someone extract and post the Shell plug-in here so I can try it out. I would appreciate it very much. ;)
  6. OK. How would I go about doing it though? I would still like to try
  7. yup... the pics all have a file name of firstname lastname.jpg I know that not every picture can be auto-inseted due to the image file being misspelled but this will certainly help me out alot.
  8. Is there a way I can make FM look for a picture in a certain folder then have the picture automatically get inserted in the proper field when I enter a name in another field? For example: I have three fields, First name, Last name & Picture. When I enter a name in both name fields I want FM to search a certain folder for a picture with that name and place it in the Picture field... Basically: first name + last name = image
  9. Sounds good. How do I get a transparent background? I don't see that option when I select then right-click, fill color the field. I get to choose from white, black or anything inbetween. EDIT: I got it! It was in the Fill Pattern menu. I just changed that thing, move things backward and that did the trick. Thanx ppl! :
  10. LOL... I don't even have winzip on this computer. I know it comes standard with XP but we are still running 2KPro...
  11. Sorry Ralph, I followed your directions and the text still wouldn't show. It sounds like your trying to get the text between the container (picture) field and the image itself. That looks to be impossible as the image is a part of the field containing it. (Hence, container field)
  12. I can't install new programs on this computer so that file won't help me out. Thanx anyways...
  13. No worries... I can't install new programs on this computer anyway. I'm at work...
  14. OK... I went into File > Define Fields I made a new Calculation Field ( named it No Pic)and pasted your code in it. The Picture Field is still blank when no picture is there. Did I do something wrong?
  15. I've never seen that file extention before, nor do I have a program that will open it...
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