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  1. I am trying to open an Excel file in Filemaker 6 and it will not give me the option of using the header row as field names. I recently updated to Office 2008 version 12.2.27. I have always been able to do this in the past. Any ideas will be appreciated!
  2. I got it, guys. It all had to do with the way I was storing the calculation. Many thanks for the sample file, Comment. Your script was exactly like mine, so I compared every part and noticed you had the storage options set differently. I then went back and did the same in all the fields included in the average. I will read up on the storage options. You guys rock! Jack
  3. Dear T.... Yes thats what I am looking for. How do I do that? I will try to figure that out.....reply if you wish. Thanks. Dear Comment, I appreciate your patience. The average is computed like this.... 5 fields named R1, R2, R3, R4, R5 are averaged to 1 field named Reading.......the Choose calc field returns a letter grade based on the Reading field average. But it never refreshes. Hope this helps...I will look up refresh and redraw in the forums... Thanks again. Jack
  4. Correct...I got a letter grade to appear, which is great.....but I was hoping to build the field so that as the teacher updates the student progress, the letter grade changes as the average goes up or down based on student work......I'm not using repeating fields for the scoring.......for example for standards 1, 2, 3, and 4, a student gets a 5, 7, 8, and 4, which averages to a 6...since we revisit content standards, he may improve in two weeks so his scores become 6, 8, 9, 9.....at that point I would like the letter grade to change based the new info.......Hope this helps and is not just babble. Reply if you have any ideas...thanks Jack
  5. I tried the Choose ( Avg ; "F" ; "F" ; "F" ; "F" ; "F" ; "F" ; "D" ; "C" ; "B" ; "A" ; "A" ) It said field could not be found. I'm assuming your using Avg as the field name.....so I substitued the name of one of the fields I'm trying to convert. That didn't work either. Then I substituted commas for the semi-colons: Choose( Reading , "F" , "F" , "F" , "F" , "F" , "D" , "C" , "B" , "A" , "A" ) This returned a letter in the field but then when I changed the scores that were part of the Reading field average, the letter grade remained constant. I'm close but no cigar yet! I'm sure I am missing a step somewhere and will keep at it. Reply if you wish-thanks much! Jack
  6. Many thanks to both of you. The Case function I get, I'm not so sure about Choose: my understanding would be if I have a ten point scale and use Choose, it would match the scale with one of ten letter grades. I only need 5; therefore if I used Choose( Ave; "F" ; "D" ; "C" ; "B" ; "A" ) would it work agaist the ten point scale? I will experiment with both. Reply if you wish. Again thanks for the assistance! Regards, Jack
  7. I have a calculated average field that averages several fields in a record; the calculation returns a number with two decimal spaces ( 3.55, 4.76,etc). I would like to set ranges that would return a letter grade (10-9= A, 8-8.9= B, etc. ) into another field. Any ideas? I will be looking through resources and will post if I find answer. Thanks, Jack J
  8. Thanks much to Ender also! That average formula was much less work. I had tried to use these before, but there must be something in the spacing of the () and the ,. Thanks, gentlemen. Jack J. California
  9. Many thanks Queue!! That worked perfectly!! Keep up the good work! Jack J.
  10. I have a similar problem trying to calculate averages of fields in a record. I use this formula: (field1 + field 2+ field 3+field 4)/ 4 This works, but if say, field 2 is empty it still counts it as a zero and it skews the average. Any ideas? Thanks. Jack J
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