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  1. Hi All, I hope this day finds you all well We just upgraded to Filemaker 12 Windows Server 2003. My databases survived with some wounds. Most of the fields that are check box lists get cut-off when printed or saved as a PDF. My first thought is drivers are not updated but the save as PDF makes no sense as Adobe is updated. I have checked the layouts to make sure shifting and space weren't an issue. Any thoughts?
  2. Hi GenX, I replaced the line, didn't get an error but it didn't format it to (###)AAA-AAAA.
  3. Hi All, I have the standard calculation in my database for a phone number: Let ( //define variables: [ rawNumber = Filter (Phone; "0123456789") ; length = Length (rawNumber); red = RGB (160;0;0); //set error flag for a phone number that's too short error = If ( length < 10 ; TextColor ("error: " & Phone; red); "") ]; // now apply the phone formatting and return resuilts If ( error ≠ ""; error; "(" & Left (rawNumber; 3) & ") " & Middle ( rawNumber; 4; 3) & "-" & Middle ( rawNumber; 7; 4) & // this condition tests for extra digits that we'll treat as an extension If ( length > 10; " x" & Middle (rawNumber; 11; length - 10); "") ) ) How can I tweek this calculation to also format a 10 character alphanumberic phone number? I have many companies that have Toll free alphanumeric numbers ie 800-THE-BOMB. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Kim
  4. Hi All, Any help with this would be appreciated before I go bald! lol..THANK YOU!!
  5. Hi agutleben, I honestly have no idea how to do that. If the tables are related, shouldn't they automatically summarize? I was able to use the main contact and summarize the fields, and break them down by sales person but I could not break them down by year but only in the main contact table. I know this is because there is no 'YEAR' marked for the main contact and I cannot figure out for the life of me without manually entering the year in the main contact to automatically look at all three tables to say or list the years that contact is involved in. I am hoping that I didn't create this database terribly wrong and hoping I can fix it somehow.
  6. Hi Laretta, Sorry about that, forgot there was a password! tmsadmin. Thanks for taking a look at this!
  7. OK I am DESPERATE! I have attached my empty file in hopes someone will show me kindness I have created separate tables, booth sales, other sales, and cancellations. The data for each of these gets entered into a separate portal. All records are designated by year. No matter what I do , I cannot create a report that will combine all and breakdown by year and salesperson. I have twisted and turned and as you will see have created summary fields that are not working when shown in another table, and I can't figure out what its pulling. I also created a 4th table for show year that miraculously works but only for the total per year. PLEASE HELP! TEST_Clone.zip
  8. Hi aldipalo, That does work but the problem is that a lot of contract dates are different, they span the whole year. The first contract date is the third week in November and can range from then to the second week of November of the following year. The cancellation dates are specific to the third week in November to the end of March. If anyone cancels in that time period it is an automatic .25 they owe of their contract even if they sign on March 29th. From the beginning of April through the end of June would be .50% they owe of their contract and from the beginning of July until the show in November they owe 100% of their contract. I have been trying to re-arrange the calculation somehow but still can't seem to find an answer. Thank you in advance for all your help!!
  9. Hi All! I am here yet again for all your wonderful help! *I mean that sincerely! Anyway, I am trying to calculate a field depending on a date range. I searched up & down for an answer which makes me think its SOOO simple that no-one has needed to ask. If thats the case, oh well, here I go! Here is the calculation I created: If ( Cancellation Date = "11/1/2007" & "..." & "3/30/2008"; Total Cancellation Amount * .25 ; " " ) I have 3 different sets of dates that I need to calculate from. I have a cancel date field. Not sure what I'm doing wrong? I even tried changing the cancel date field to text. Help!
  10. Hi Danny, IT WORKED!!! This is only the 5th time I edited this message! Thank you for your help. HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!
  11. Hi Danny, Ok, since I already had that table occurence linked to the pricing database (separate) I added another relationship to the same table occurence for the year. Will that work or do I need to make a separate one? Also, once I do that, how would I get the data filtered to pull only by year? I wanted to be able to pull the value list for a specific year from one database (value list). Also, I am trying to build financial reports working off of that same field, year, but can't seem to do that either. See attached zip. Thank you for all your help!
  12. Hi Danny, I have multiple tables, contact, sales items 1 and sales items 2. I also have a separate FM DB for pricing that is linked via value list so a drop down appears in the sales item field. Once clicked, it populates in the amoount, and some other information that is needed. The pricing database has a unique number ID starting with a 2 digit year (08 or 09) to determine pricing for that year. Which table do I make an instance from? Please forgive any stupidity but this forum is my teacher! :(
  13. Hi Pam, I do know how to create another instance but how would I make that work?
  14. Hi All, I am creating a database for a yearly tradeshow that houses all company and sales information. I have created a separate pricing database. Currently the database pulls the pricing from the other via a sales ID. This works great but there are approximately 106 items to sell. When next years show comes into play I am assuming I have to add another 106 records to my pricing database with the new prices. The sales ID is a drop down list to choose the item, if I add another 106 records, the drop down list is going to start getting ridiculously long. Is there a way to pull only those records that pertain to the specific year I am currently working with? The pricing database has a YEAR designated field for each item and the show has a designated YEAR field for each item. I thought there may be a way when I enter a record for 2009 that it only shows me the sales item records from that year? Any help would be appreciated! :
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