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  1. Would it help if I'd post a coupla screenshots of a some inventory sections?
  2. Thank you very much, it is exactly the step I was missing to make it work the way it was intended I know it could have been organized better from scratch, my problem is that I had no prior DB experience and I had to learn myself, the hard way, as soon as I'll have enough knowledge I will redesign the DB properly. I am open for suggestions though.
  3. I am sorry but, could you explain a bit more in details? Is the cartesian join X operator a calculation function? Or are you referring to table linking? Point is, that each section of the inventory has different evaluation criterias, it's not just description, quantity x price. Some section calculate the value based just on meters per price, others kilograms per price, others meters AND kilogram per price etc... So I thought splitting up tables would have helped up messing up things less. Also, I don't need invoices in this DB. I know it's a complicate DB and I also know that if I knew more about FMP I could have done it much easier, I am trying to learn though :)
  4. The DB is structured with 13 different tables, the first 12 are each representing of a section of the inventory, the 13th should be the total report from all sections plus the sum of them: Layout1 (Product1 Inventory) Field-A1 Product1 Name Field-B1 Quantity Field-C1 Price Field-D1 Product Value (Quantity x Price) Field-E1 Total Product1 Value (Sum of Product Value) Layout2 (Product2 Inventory) Field-A2 Product2 Name Field-B2 Quantity Field-C2 Price Field-D2 Product Value (Quantity x Price) Field-E2 Total Product Value (Sum of Product Value) Layout3 (Product 3 Inventory) Field-A3 Product3 Name Field-B3 Quantity Field-C3 Price Field-D3 Product Value (Quantity x Price) Field-E Total Product Value (Sum of Product Value) Layout4 (General Report) Field X = Field-E1 Total Product1 Value (Sum of Product Value) Field Y = Field-E2 Total Product2 Value (Sum of Product Value) Field Z = Field-E3 Total Product3 Value (Sum of Product Value) Field K = Sum of Field X + Field Y + Field Z Note: Fields A,B,C,D are fields with repetitions, Field E is a single calculation field. Also, the whole thing is based on a SINGLE record for each table. --- What I cannot achieve is, on layout 4 to properly read the Fields E1,E2,E3 and bring them into Field X,Y,Z in order to make the calculation implied in Field K. Also, I would need Field X,Y,Z to selfupdate the numbers WHEN something changes in Field E1,E2,E3.
  5. Hi, I have a problem, even though I reckon the solution should be easy I seem to be unable to solve that. I have this database, made of 11 different layouts, each of them sports a "Total Value" of the page that is the result of a calculation of a repeating field. What I want to achieve is to have a 12th layouts where it would display the "Total Value" of each other layout taken from the other layouts. I tried to make a "relationship" between the tables, by linking Field A from Layout1 to Field A from layout 12, plus I set the field in layout 12 to be a calculation field. I have been unable to display the sum of Field A though, not only, I would need the field to be automatically recalculated in layout 12 each time the sum vary in layout 1. Anyone can point me to the right direction and/or debug what I did so far? Thanks in advance.
  6. Thank you, I'll have a look there, and probably come back with further questions later ???
  7. You mean, instead of having a set of repeating fields I should design it in such a fashion that the number of 'lines' will be dependent on how many the user will need? Forgive me the question but... what is and how to create a relational database? Any hints?
  8. Now here's the situation, I made this database for a company (that I'm attaching at the end of the post), basically it allows you to enter in multiple lines data about customers's invoices: At the end of the page it displays: My problem is, per page there's room for 50 lines where to enter data, BUT I actually don't know in advance how many "lines" will be needed per month (could be less than 50 or more than 500) and I was wondering how to make it work properly. Solutions I've been evaluating so far: Does anyone have an idea on how to do that? Is it possible? If yes, how? Thank you in advance for any help I will receive. Yours Faithfully. Marko. example.zip
  9. You're too kind, I don't know if it's ethic to overuse you this way... are you sure it's not a problem for you?
  10. mmm it starts going beyond my limited knowledge (scripts), maybe I should just revert back to the TYPE ID - GET THE DATA system; thank you anyway for your cooperation Soren ;)
  11. That does make sense, I'll do some experimenting with that button and update/commit feature and let you know.. Just a question, should the button "Commit Records/Requests"?
  12. I'm beginning to wonder if this thread might help my problem too, any thought? http://fmforums.com/forum/showtopic.php?tid/167996/post/new/#NEW
  13. I also noticed, that if you add a record to the clienti1 table, it doesn't automatically add to the popup menu in fatture1, is it normal or did I miss sth? *confused*
  14. I'm looking at the tweaked file you attached, you're right about the "being editable" issue of data in the popup, but if I don't allow editing/adding fields on the popup menu and if the customer data are copied into invoice how can the end user mess up invoices/customer/datas in the database? By the way, which was my error? I'm not sure I figured out.. P.S. As for the beer, the offer is valid also if I come to Denmark in case you don't happen to be in Rome P.P.S. If I understood correctly, your personal suggestion is that instead of a popup menu I use a keyfield with Cliente_ID, type a number and get the result from the related table "Clienti"?
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