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  1. I cannot prevent enduser to go out there and get a copy of the Adv. This is more so when I install the application to our offshore office in the Far East. I understand that software piracy is quite rampant there. I have no idea what users might do down there. If this cannot be done, I might have to resolve to install a plugin.
  2. In my application, I removed all the menu items. This works fine as long as the users are using FM Pro. But if the users install a copy of FM Adv, the 'Tool' command show up at the menu bar. This is no good as users can run some of the developer utilities. I cannot find a way to remove this. Please help.
  3. Hi, Very nice site. I used IWP and I hide the status bar (lock) if the user is via the web. However, there is still a vertical bar shown on far left of the browser. Your site does not have that vertical bar. I wonder what you did to hide that as well Thank you
  4. Hi Garry, In the EPSON TM printer, there is a parameter you can set. This will automatically send a signal to RJ11 to open the cash box the moment you print a receipt. You do not have to do anything else. Please refer to the Epson manual for detail.
  5. In my company, we use IWP to allow salespersons to login to access information from anywhere. Users can actually see the port number in the browser address line ..something like :16080/fmi/iwp/res/iwp_home.html. For security reason, I would like to hide the port number (in this case is 16080) so user has no idea what port they are connected to. Is there a way to hide it ?
  6. When I was using 8.0v1, I am able to access database remotely using FMP7://IPAddress/MyApplicaiton.fp7 After upgrading to 8.0v2, when run, it gave this error "protocol fmp7 does not have a registered program". Is it a bug in 8.0v2 ?
  7. We use a fair bit of IWP with our FSA 7. Now thinking of upgrading to FSA 8. Does anyone know of any new features in IWP for FSA 8 ?
  8. I have exactly the same configuration and facing the same problem except my error code is 2306. This is very frustrating since it worked in FM 7. Hope someone has an answer.
  9. One of my daily chore is to export our daily sales records to a text file and upload this file to our corporate's FTP Server. Right now I am using a seperate FTP program to do the uploading. I would like to do all this from within FM. Does anyone know of any FTP program that I can execute from within FM 7 or 8? Or is there any plug-in can do that?
  10. rejoice

    Active Portal

    I have 4 portals in one layout. I need to be able to activate one of them depending on the result of some calculation. Once active, I can do the rest of processing. How do I do that in script? Thank you all
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