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  1. I have accounts and pws created in a file. Another file has a script to go to the former file using "open file" script. If I use this script, there was no prompt to authenticate username, pw. BUT, if I use the "File" > "Open Recent.." method to open the file, then I get the prompt to authenticate username and pw. Maybe I should add something to the Open File script?
  2. Is there anyway to get rid of that dialog box with Modify Last find, Continue and Cancel buttons when the results of a find request is 0 records? I have several scripts that uses Perform Find and Enter Find Mode and a custom dialog box. I basically want for a custom dialog to appear if the results is zero records. You've all been great. Thanks again. Jean
  3. I am creating accts and privileges. The available menu commands can only be set down to minimum. is there any way it can be set to no access at all? I really don't want certain users or for that matter all users to have any access to ALL menus. Thanks. Jean
  4. I tried all of your suggestions and it all worked. I ended up using the Insert from last Visited since I only needed to duplicate 6 fields of a record. Thanks again, everyone. Jean
  5. Hi everyone, I hope you can help me again. Is there a way to duplicate a record but only parts of it? Actually only contents of 6 fields. Or is this a copy function? Thanks, jean
  6. Thank you, it worked! As usual, you guys have been terrific.
  7. I have two timestamp fields and need to find out the number of days between them. You guys have been great answering all my questions. Thanks again. Jean
  8. aaa, when you mentioned portals I got to thinking that maybe where the problem is coming from. I had 2 portals in one layout. I was trying to make something work between those two portals in that layout. Portal 2 wasn't recognizing portal 1 as the source table which is correct. I broke them up where I made a new layout where Portal 1 is now the source table for the layout and Portal 2 is now the sole portal. And it worked! Thanks!
  9. Hi hoping someone can help me. I'm stuck. Here are the match fields: Match Fields: Customer::Invoice ID match to Invoice::Invoice ID Invoice::Order Num match to Order::Order Num Order::Order Num match to Elec::Order Num Order::Order Num match to Parts::Order Num The problem is in the Orders to Elec. and Orders to Parts tables. Once Order Num is created, it uses the same Order Num for both Elec. and Parts and if I have two or more entries for either tables (Elec and Parts) it uses the same Order Num. I can create different Order Nums for one Customer but only one (the first) is being used when I create records in Elec and Parts. It should be a specific Order Num = specific Parts ID or specific Order Num = specific Elec ID. Thanks a lot for anyone who can help. Jean
  10. Thanks, Ralph. This is a db of customer invoices and billing that I am trying to do. I am using a customer id field as match field between Invoice and Invoice 2. Yes, your suggestion did exactly what I wanted to happen. However, the Total field also changed. I want the Total field to indicate the sum of the Amount field (of all Categories for a particular customer or record), then I want to show a breakdown of that Total. For example, TotalElectronics for the total amount of only those Category = Electronics, etc. I want all this to show in one layout. Any suggestions?
  11. I have the Invoice table and the Invoice 2 table as self-join. I created a portal using the Invoice 2. There's the Category, Item, Qty, Price and Amount fields. I can do the Total field which calculates the sum of the Amount field of the portal. But I can't figure out how to just total the amount of only those of a paticular category. For instance, the total amount of only with Category = "Electronics". Please help.
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