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  1. i have still something in my mind and i am sure you would know how to help it. * i make portal 1. * then i make portal 2. * then i make the script in portal 2 to get data from portal 1.it works. but i have to i put the button in every portal line and click as many times as records that i want to copy. how can i make it (a script) go thru all the portal-lines within one click on a single button?
  2. maybe this solution is getting closer to what i need, but... could you explain it a little bit more as for someone who just starts with FM?
  3. hey guys (i assume), thank you for your help , i am there already! huba
  4. I thought i got it right, but... it seems to work when i put it all in my base, but only for the first two records. i get thus 05-001, then properly 05-002. but all the following record stays on 05-002. any idea where i made mistake? h.
  5. o.k. i'll explain it like this: 1. i have a client and he asks an offer for few products. 2. he gets an offer - all the items that i offer are placed in portal-1 3. when the client orders the products, i send him an order confirmation. the items that are in order confirmation ar collected in portal-2. 4. to save the time i want to copy all the data from the portal-1 (an offer) to the portal-2 (the confirmation). 5.BUT it happens that my client does not order everything what i offered - so i need to adjust the order-confirmation-items in portal-2. but in the portal-1 (the offer) they have to stay the way they were while offering. so thos data really has to be copied. i hope it is clear now. greetings!
  6. Thanx a lot, but... it goes even too far for me. I just need to copy the whole portal, all the records into the new one (an offer items into the order confirmation). can i adjust/simplify(?) your example in any way to do so? thanx a lot for your help up to now, huba
  7. i am quite new to FM. so my question is: where can i find the FMI TeckInfo Knowledge Base? huba
  8. hi, i checked your example, but it does not work.i have FM 7. the problem is that the number stays 05-001 all the time, does not increase at all. do you know where the problem could be? huba
  9. i need to make a numbering system that includes the year count. the example is nr 05-001, 05-002, 05-003 etc.. 05 is the current year, it has to be kept up to end of 2005. 001 is a consecutive number, goes up with every new entry, till the end of the year. then on 1 january 2006 it has to star from the beginning and become 06-001. anyone idea how to do it? thanx a lot!
  10. i've been trying to solve it for some days and still no idea how to do it. i would like to copy all the records from portal-1 into the other one, portal-2, within one record. then i need to be able to adjust the records in portal-2, but keep the original ones in portal-1. has anyone idea how to do that? thanx in advance!
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